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how likely you think the grains and financial aid are going to get distributed? i have little faith when it comes in governments distributing aid. even US government was caught hoarding the aid in warehouses that was meant to be distributed to hurricane affected in Puerto Rico... this planet reminds me of this netflix movie "the platform" where a single dining table gets passed from room to room, in which people are locked, and depending how regulated people eat, the people in the last room may or may not get to eat. the people in the last room never got to eat.


I think I have come across a movie like that. We have 36 states and each have local governments. Some of the states in the north suffer more when it comes to this. Last week the office of the accountant General of the federal republic got burnt a day after he was asked to give an account of how they have spent the billions people contributed. Tales of our country. By the way I want to seek your opinion on what we should buy. We figured if we buy yams we will reach more persons with what you contributed, so

its hard to know for me because i have never been in nigeria, but if this was Zambia I would have bought bags of cornmeal for the people to be able to make nshima. plus cornmeal is subsidized in zambia by the government and very cheap to buy. I will leave it to ur judgement to decide which food can reach the most people :)

i did some googling and appearantly cornmeal has 362 calories per 100g and yam only 118. so unless the price of cornmeal per weight is more than 3 times larger than yam, i would recommend distributing cornmeal more and tell them to make nshima?

We had poor power supply so I have been off. OK that's another cool suggestion but maybe I have bought more yams already and the distribution should start as soon as possible tomorrow. Don't know what's nshima. You should visit our country when this is over then. And yams are way cheaper here

sure ^_^ if its way cheaper then its probably the cheapest calories. awesome!

nshima would be worth checking out one day in future as the preparation is easy and the ingredients are cheap:

"1 lb. maize meal or corn meal
2 qt. pot
Lg. wooden spoon

In pot mix 2 cups cold water with two heaping tablespoons of meal. Add hot tap water to fill pot. Cook on high heat for 5 to 10 minutes or until mix reaches the consistency of porridge. Lower heat to medium and slowly and slowly add the rest of the meal, stirring constantly. Continue stirring until mixture is very stiff. Remove from heat.

Using a wooden spoon that has been rinsed in cold water, shape and remove spoonfuls of Nshima. (If using a metal spoon, the Nshima will stick to the edges and should be rinsed off between each serving.) Serve with beef, poultry, gravy, leafy greens."

in zambia many people ate nshima all the time, but usually people would eat it with something like chicken and vegetables or watever other sauces cuz the texture can be a bit grainy... also nshima is a very condensed blob of calories....

upside of yam over cornmeal and rice tho is that yam doesnt need packaging

because it looks like the yam its self is already the packaging...