A Home For parents, Who Were Previously Unfit For Habitation

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A Home For parents, Who Were Previously Unfit For Habitation

Good night everyone, of course it's good right? in this story I will share an interesting story for you, also grief or financial crisis for me, because at this time I need more money to make my parents happy, by making a small house that is suitable for habitation, at this time I'm out of stock the money is due to covid19 and my input is not there, but the house that I built is also only half ready, and right now is what makes me not have the heart to see this house flushed with this situation, on the other hand I feel sorry for my parents who still occupy a hut on the side of the road, so to finish this house I beat a little and do not know where to take the money anymore, and through this hive I try to try to get the best I hope there will be fortune to be able to help my economy to be able to finish the house for my parents.

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Through this post a picture of a house that is no longer habitable has now collapsed and I will try to wake up again for my parents, so that they are more comfortable enjoying their old age. So much has been their struggle for me and now I arrived to make them happy by enjoying their old days happily, now my sister is also in school and I am also trying to give snacks for my siblings even though a little but at least my sister is not starving and can enjoy food like other friends.

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For the current atmosphere, the house that I have partially built is already pending because I have insufficient money to continue, also the current work is very limited because again covid 19 so that a lot of outside work is limited, but next to that my sister is also there to help make a living because the school has not yet entered so that they can help side sales on the highway, thanks also for their snacks even though they have set aside to help for the house. Thank you to all of you who have listened to my sad story, willing to help me by voting this post to share with other friends.