Quest Rewards @splinterlands & My Views on New Game Update

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Hello all Splinterlands lovers
Welcome all...
Completed the daily quest and claimed the rewards.


Last day @splinterlands post announcement for upcoming changes/updation.
Highlights -

1. The new set of ΛZMΛRÉ Dice cards will release (as the Orb has been sale out so the new promo card has been introduce).

2. The Collection Score will be implemented in three stages.

3. The Potions will not be usable for reward cards

I am exciting to see the new cards which contain 6 new summoners, 14 new monster cards and 3 new abilities.
Collection Score is good implementation to control the bot farming.
The potions will be no longer usable for reward cards make some played unhappy but as per my view when all are using the potions then their is less chance of getting Gold or Legendary cards.

Thanks for Stopping by my post.
Thanks to @rentmoney for delegated account.

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I like that sandworm a lot!



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Thank foe for suggestions..