Tips for coping with quarantine

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Tips for coping with quarantine

I self-imposed a quarantine, (relative, in Venezuela it is not possible) and it is precisely this whole situation that I am going to comment on today; it is a quarantine as horrible as it seems and what advice can I give you; so let's start.

It is such a horrible thing; in my case no, obviously you have to be realistic, not everyone has the same personal situation, there will be some who are in better conditions, others who have it more complicated some with very large houses, well-off others with smaller houses, large families and working at home or even worse without work, the truth is that you have to have empathy and understand each particular situation, there are real dramatic situations, and especially in Venezuela.

< br /> I personally am not surrounded by luxury I have my little house of 80 square meters but if I have everything I need and so I am fine, but I will not deceive you this is not a dream vacation, it is truly hard, for everyone , if it is true that there are little things, small ways to make all this more bearable and that is just what I want to tell you today, a few little tips so that this is not so hard.

But there must be a response from our body to a state of shock like this, what is the real risk emotionally, this is a real bomb that we are undergoing, what is our enemy, what is the worst that could happen to us, because knowing how the body reacts to everything that comes, the avalanche of emotions that we are going through and to come, is essential to understand how we are feeling.

But what We can feel anxiety, fears, feelings of isolation, they capsize, but the most important thing is that we are not going to die from this, considering all this, I have made a series of decisions in my life so that this bitter drink passes from best possible way there are 6 tips that I have applied and that for the moment are going quite well:

One Anticipation, before all this came, I was already seeing it because I took a while and I strongly recommend you to leave my house at ease, if I am going to be here for an indefinite long time, what better than at least I feel comfortable in this house, I also surrounded myself with things that I like to do, it has the leisure house of the things that I am most passionate about books, board games, video games, little whims that at another time I had not allowed .

Two, establish a routine, this comes to me as standard, so I usually do it because my work is very close to me, because I already did this before quarantine, even if I take work home I always follow a routine, I get up, I take a shower, I have breakfast, I pick up the house, I go to work, he dedicated some time to leisure and finally I go to sleep, then we will see why all this that I am telling you is important.

Three, distinction of space, spending all day in pajamas and mixing rest, with food, with work, with free time, it seems horrible to me, so one of the first things I do is dress up on the street and go to my work space, because when I finish, I go to my leisure space and so all day, how do I get this in a house of 80 square meters because it is necessary to give imagination.

Four, to stay connected with your loved ones, I also try that, not shutting myself up not being isolated, staying connected, talking to my family, my friends, social support is essential.

Five, exercising, for the moment it is to admit that this I have done rather little and is that the first days have been a bit chaotic, I just put the whole house in order, start new projects, because all this really takes a lot time and I have not had what I wanted to dedicate to exercise but it is something that has always been essential for me so I started today.

Six, new projects, this may be too personal, but for me it is essential to always maintain an illusion, a challenge something to achieve something to achieve, to wake up with strength, illusion and not fall well in monotony and possibly depression So I have decided to do new projects, projects that at other times because of life issues because you have no capacity or time to do, now that I am isolated and I have a lot of time for myself, you can learn a new language, play an instrument , to cook in so many things.

But all this that I contact you, these six tips are ideas that I have, intuitively, if it is true that I am used to being locked up, first as a scientist, student, I spent long hours at home, studying I already had, my established routine, then with my life as a teacher and researcher, because that way I am very used to this situation of confinement, closure but all this that I am telling although I do it is based on experience, it is still intuitive and it is always better to have the opinion of a professional, of someone expert.