We are all philosophers.

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We are all philosophers.

Continuing the previous post, I present some examples of pre-philosophical literature so to speak, there is the Hindu Mahabharata or the Hebrew Bible, this type of literature can be classified as wisdom, first because it is the compendium of tradition and second because in some cases it is said that this divine inspiration, whatever the case, the sage here only fulfills a role of administrator or scholar, rather the opposite happens with the philosopher who does not administer but directly writes the work and presents himself as the author of it.

Naturally this differentiation between the sage and the philosopher leads us to differentiate even through clothing, the sage usually wears clothing that identified him as such, either as a teacher of the law, as a magician, as a priest or in some cases like king and this happened because if you had to impart a moral teaching in the absence of rational argumentation, your only protection was precisely in the investiture, for example if a sage tells a person that stealing is bad and this person asks why? So you don't know how to answer because it is a divine mandate, because there are the scriptures, because it is the law and I represent it instead a philosopher does not need a special investiture because he is usually a common member in society and has to teach a maxim and is questioned then he will respond through argumentation, for example stealing is bad because we take something from him that is due to him, taking it from him would be as unfair as accepting that another person comes and tries to do the same.

Now historically, the figure of the wise man never disappeared, in fact they exist to this day, suddenly the most worthy examples of them are the guros, especially those who appear on television, those who write books and those who have a dress quite exotic so to speak, other examples could be the famous spiritual advisers the fortune tellers, etc., naturally as well as philosophy there are degrees of wisdom and logically there are some who do things better than others and others who unfortunately are only dedicated to selling you smoke, so the sage was never replaced by the philosopher, they never competed officially, in fact socially the sage was always above the philosopher, except in a strange civilization that sat on the Peloponnese peninsula, approximately in the 8th century before our was, previously this civilization was part of another larger than collapse that was called the Mycenaean civilization, but these lords had There were many economic problems, food shortages, they had a rugged geography for archipelagos, cliffs and they also suffered many internal conflicts that led to a long dark age, a period of which, however, very little is known, but something must have happened there something that made these people become more reflective beings, more attentive to the role of the human being in the world.

And this was the Greek civilization, a civilization that is considered the melting pot of Western culture, which between the 8th century and the 2nd century BC was so developed and so technologically advanced in all areas of knowledge that in many aspects was not overcome until the rebirth more than 1500 years later, obviously as every civilization Greece had these problems, it had its wars of its internal conflicts but comparatively to other states, it says that there was so much well-being in Greece that it was easy for its citizens leave the basic tasks and dedicate themselves to other higher tasks such as art, poetry and Philosophy I hope.

People had a lot of free time, but free time in the good sense of the word, and of course in this context, the world thought was much more complex than mythology tells us, and if suddenly things don't work as we have been told that they work so far, that was probably the question that started the whole philosophy.


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