The moments that make up our life ...

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Our life is many moments. We collect the positive moments that our children grow up with. Here you see footage of Darinka's birthday. You know that on such days we usually do a lot of shots that remember the happiness of the birthday girl and the whole family. We do not notice how our children grow, but then look at these photos, we can compare and see this miracle!





10 years went as a moment and remained in our memory events. Darinka is a favorite sister, last gift for dad and my unexpectedly blessing. Always happy and smile, she brought to our family perfect harmony.



Let your life be filled with joy moments! I invite you to share good memories tomorrow on Saturday in #saturdaymemories


Beautiful photos. Your girls have such tender and sweet smiles, it shows that you're amazing parents! 🤗

Oh, thank you dear @trincowski! It's very nice your words!