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A Giraffe

The largest animals on Earth happens not to be the fiercest, some of the meek ones seem to be the most aggressive and venomous. The Elephant, the Rhino, and the Hippopotamus could all attest to these facts, gentle-looking byt deadly, not slow as a snail in movement- but extremely dangerous in their anger and territorial brawls. None of these animals are as agile as the king of the Jungle, yet the King dares not prey on them as regular meals!

Also, the fastest animals both on land and in the sea are not the most dangerous, the most gentle ones are not so beautiful; the slyest, not the smartest and the smartest, not the Bravest.

There are some universal laws and principles made by nature which wildlife must obey strictly. That is why the biggest animal on land is the Elephant, the fastest is the Cheetah, the bravest is the Lion and the tallest is the Giraffe!


She is not the most common of prey to predators of the wild, she only falls prey in extreme conditions and to bring her down is not an easy fit. Her food is filled with thorns and thistles and she eats where other land animals could ever reach. Elegantly and magnificently, the Giraffe stands taller than any other living animals in existence. Not an endangered species because both humans and predators respect this majestic giant, not n easy kill for predators even in extreme conditions. Even the bravest of in the wild forge a force to take her down; it takes an average of three King of the Jungle to kill her and approximately six Lioness to kill a fully grown Giraffe for a meal.

Screenshot_20180326-084458.jpgSource; Thought for Today

A mother Giraffe could be a deadly meal for the pride, the prey and predators could end up dead, why? Because each swing of the Giraffe kick could crack the skull of a bull, a lion with a full mane and any other animal it comes in contact with; shattering any bones in an animal's body be it a predator or another giant like the Giraffe. She walks with confidence and majesty with her calf(s) in between her powerful legs that serve as a cage and an arsenal, with the long neck navigating and scanning miles away like the "Periscope of a submarine"- a feat no other animals on land could execute.


As human beings, there are a couple of lessons to be learned from this Graceful Giant:

  • Learn to see opportunities from afar, learn to discern things that would hurt you, and stay away from it.
  • Know dangers from far but take risks, invest wisely, and do not be a victim of circumstances.
  • Be gentle and be fierce, both attributes are needed to survive the jungle of the real world.
  • You do not need to be the bravest, the fastest, or be the strongest to survive.
  • Never be an easy kill to failures and disappointments.
  • A single stride of the Giraffe covers distance, be swift!
  • Takes an average of one Lion and four Lioness to bring a Giraffe down, never allow a couple of setbacks to weigh you down.

Stay driven, be motivated by the Giraffe to bring out the best in you.


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Ohhh...There are so many lessons we can get from Giraffe. I didn't consider this lessons of giraffes previously because I met giraffes only from the zoo. I only saw times giraffes. Sometimes I missed her without see more times than other animals. I watched giraffe's fight video who were attacked from 5 or 6 loins. But incredibly she fought against the lions. So I rehive this post for see again.

Yes, so many lessons to learn