Marine Aquarium

in GEMS2 months ago
Enjoying a wave of tourist in Rio, paying half price for being a native of the city, today I visited the Marine Aquarium that is located in Gamboa, a port region recently revitalized on the occasion of the last Olympics.


I am not a big fan of zoos and marine aquariums, as I always have the impression that the small space reserved for animals has something like a prison and I find myself thinking to what extent living in these environments is not torturous for the species that are used to the vastness of the Ocean.


However didactically for my 9-year-old daughter to know the species was very interesting. It has a huge tank with lots of rays, sharks, and other fish, with a transparent corridor passing through the interior, from where we can observe and feel surrounded by water and marine animals. For those who have never visited large aquariums, it can be an incredible experience.


Even so for my daughter, the most important thing was to win a stuffed shark and play in a park outside.

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