A shorter way.

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Is there a better way to find bigger truths sooner and try to achieve faster potential solutions about some/many thangs than creating some awkward and polemic controversies through a few fierce and uncomfortable public debates that evidently and necessarily should be discussed asap regarding what's going on in our surroundings?

Is not presenting some events and most of the facts in your surroundings from very different angles, very unusual perspectives and a quite frankly distinct and unique point of view. The shorter path to find something new that would normally go unnoticed?

Is it not strolling through the most inhospitable, intricate, dusty and less explored and traveled roads. Through which we could find and discover something truly new that finally leads us to some viable destination?

Once again.

It is not the controversy, the polemics and mostly the debates the greatest comfortable 4x4 golf cart to peacefully traverse each of the sixteen holes of the intricate golf course to score the longed triumph at the 16th hole?

After all, at the end of the day. We are all no more than a very odd gang of highly specialized lazy specimens. That certainly we would be unable to feed ourselves if someone didn't put the food in our mouths without much effort. And surely, we wouldn't care to think by ourselves about anything.

Anything. Unless that something or someone poke our curiosity and pinch our sorry lazy little ass out of our comfort zone with a very good dosage of controversy to wake the hell up in this orbed floating blue place tha we all use to call...

"Planet Of Humans"

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