¡I warn you! You prolly would never think I would write and share a post like this.

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«-Master of Tasks «-» Greatest Money Lover-»


Perhaps you already know pretty well who's the user and the blockchain's username behind this funny kitty above. Yeah! s/he likes all kinds & sorts of yummy muffins and big sweet cakes. But seems like s/he never lights that little red candle, so that s/he won't have to invest in another one when s/he receives many more of those delicacies that brighten her/his sweet tooth palate everyday.

This blond kitty has been wandering over here collecting muffins & cakes for 36 moons already. Yeah! since August 2017. And I bet s/he hasn't lit that little candle even once in all this time. S/he is definitely very thrifty.

You might be surprised that this above is just one of her/his many catlike identities on the blockchain. Stealthy, chary, silent, watchful and highly cautious personalities. Though, I think this above is her/his main one.

He (or maybe she) certainly has, watches and takes good care of his small litter of feline puppies throughout the blockchain. And just by these great attributes, I am more inclined to think that because of this very maternal, thrifty and prosperous behavior this user rather must be a She than a He.

But yeah, we can all be wrong from time to time.

Without go deeper inside the rabbit hole, all I found out so far has been a handful of his first generation most cherished puppies for breastfeeding.

They go all with the fond nicknames at the end of their junior usernames as DP, LE & PA. And then, another one more. One with a nickname a little bit more felinely gattino. The three young juniors mostly as her/his json & curation warriors and the last one using the main account as her/his voting proxy. There you go. Everything stays with the family.

This last cub which seems to be the wiser of the bunch. And prolly the one enjoying of his/her highest appreciation and confidence to inherit and quietly handle the bags of mony in a near future. The apparently smarter and furtively more skilfull from her/his own breed

A pity that this cub got a nasty stalker long time ago annoying him/her all the time when s/he is posting something sporty on the blockchain.

Well yeah. I have nothing against this user. Nor personally nor otherwise. I just find her/his behavior pretty unique and her/his 'social' performance on both blockchains quite peculiar compared with everyone else here on this sort of content monetizing platforms.

As a matter of fact, I reckon we could learn one or two very useful things about economy, finances and about how to save, accumulate, hoard and store money on the blockchain for a next future after this pandemic solely following her/his dexterous and skilful example.

I could say that I can see her/his approach as highly pragmatic, pretty wise and even cleverly appropiated in order to have to deal daily with a bunch of illustrious unknowns online that we might well won't see anymore again at any moment. ¿Who pays more and better? ¡NOW!

Oh yeah! All this despite of what many times I perceive from her/him as a kinda stingy and selfish social endeavor with many clear nuances of plain conservative elitism. Preference and favoritism to pick mostly the opulents to mingle with. And pure snobism at the time to choose with whom s/he is gonna interact with the most. And especially and above all, with whom the heck s/he will distribute more generously the tokens inside the collective rewards pool with what s/he is allowed to spread and share these from it.

S/he is followed by a bunch of the biggest whales and most wealthy trails and guilds on both blockchains. And each one of her/his daily good articles always has been consistently and handsomely well upvoted all the time by them. BUT... and this is a big but here.

But if it were not that s/he chooses to upvote the content of others (posts, comments, whatever) with a VP with percentages as ridiculously low as those s/he is used to reward the effort of other users in the blockchain.

Maybe, just maybe, s/he would have passed under my radar without penalty nor glory and most likely would not have deserved a full article of my outlandish inspiration to highlight her/his remarkable qualities.

¡Just look at this!

¡Holy crap! Come on pal!

Don't you feel remorse? Do you find this 'mathematical aberration' fair and socially acceptable within a community? Well, I don't find this fair.

Last but not least...

Don't shoot the messenger. I'm just a very curious MoFo who out of some boredom in a slow hot Sunday of social distancing and quarantine alone at home watching the poor interaction in our blockchains today. All of the sudden, I decided to snoop a bit deeper on these social matters around.

And merrily enough, it ocurred to me to share these odd facts here in my blog with the intention to know your opinions in case you'll be so brave to comment. Well yeah, daring to say something at all. You know?

Just take my views here on this issue as simply a harmless game to play the role of a Devil's Advocate with a slight frolicly naughty slant. As always, you are entitled to your own opinions too. And you certainly can smear them everywhere as you see fit. Go ahead! Pull my tongue! Please make my day.

Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!


"Follows, Comments, Resteems & Upvotes will be highly appreciated"

Cranky Gandalf



How I dream for a .12% upvote!

Hahahaha and me too. :D

I believe that in almost 4 years that I've been messing with everyone over here, I can't recall have ever received one upvote so low, ludicrous and rickety like these s/he use to grant only to a very few of her/his favorites, priviledged and well selected ones.

Great post my friend. Glad to see people paying attention to what is taking place on here.

So what is your issue? The fact that upvotes are given in small quantities? do you not feel that is acceptable? Are you claiming that I am falling down on spreading the wealth?

Isn't it interesting that small votes add up. You will notice that my upvotes given rank me #48 on here.


As you will see my voting power is consistently between 80%-90%


Of course there is the fact that I have fairly decent sized delegations out to OCDB, Tipu, and Actifit, all whom upvote a wide variety of users.

Or perhaps you would prefer I upvote only a few accounts with maximum weight? Do you think that is best for the system?

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OP seems to be butthurt over nothing. Keep doing what you're doing and ignore the trolls

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Hey! Hi there @nealmcspadden. :)

I have no doubt you are confused and have the concept of what's a troll totally wrong buddy.

¿Butthurt? haha, another mistake bro. As an elder, I have no butt whatsoever since long time ago. };)

By the way. I hope you don't mind if I grant you a commenter diploma to celebrate the occasion of this pretty rare appearance and intervention in one of my posts.


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