[Monday] Time goes by quickly...

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Millions out there fearing the confinement and other millions out there fearing that the confinement ends. ¡And that's how we are now!

Future Shock

"I meowed to my cat and I dunno what I told him"

Is gonna be this absolutely necessary and indispensable explain to each one and everyone that all this global pandemic and this shit started with exclusively one... erm... and I mean... ¡ONLY ONE¡ - Lone & Unescorted PATIENT ZERO somewhere?

«-Ancient History Encyclopedia-»


By the way. Recently I just went outside to purchase a bottle of a potent hydroalcohol based antiseptic, antibacterial and disinfectant gel. And I came back with a big bottle of Jack Daniels. Yeah they were both at the same price. ¿Any surprise?

«-Lifting The Restrictions-»

Must be the reason of this shitpost today. Yeah! you may say it's a collateral effect from Mondays.

«-Tugurium Faustoli-»

Cuz the focus now should be on practical skills that address needs and not desires right?

Yeah! "We are all smart"


...but no doubt there is a significant percentage of asymptomatic!!

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