Right to die!

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¡We Will Not Comply!

The state of California is divided between those who want the prompt reopening of businesses and spaces such as public beaches, and those who ask that measures be maintained to protect the health of citizens against the covid-19.

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Yep, that's right! A crowd of angry people fights for their right to die. They currently are indeed questioning if the preventive measures to combat and defeat the SARS-CoV-2 expansive pandemic won't be even more detrimental and lethal than the virus himself.

From my point of view, all this issue is gonna depend on the color of the crystals of the glasses through which one looks thru. And obviously, also will depend from a bunch of guys like these below.

"Cellular Immunity"


¿Full recovering or simply feeling better? That's the conundrum!!

But as a matter of fact and to tell the truth. I have a slight suspicion that this will be neither the first nor the last multitudinous protest that we will see throughout the world in the coming days. What do you think?

So, for now, I suppose that the wisest and most prudent thing to do will be to observe the results of the scientific analysis and the economic & social studies very closely. And while we eagerly await the definitive results, then we should try to chillout the hell up locked down in our homes quietly.

Your Last Stop

I don't know, but maybe, just maybe. We all could get sooner than expected our very own shiny brandnew individual ¿Immunity passport? ¿Risk-free certificate? in a lotta more healthier and way more favorable conditions as to try tempt our luck yelling outdoors open mouth just right now.

On the other hand...

I just wonder, what will happen to and what is going to be of the music in the meantime. Do you have a clue? Please tell us in the comments section.

Or as my good friend @denmarkguy more elegantly use to say:

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Yeah! at the end, no one will escape unscathed from the acid virus anyway.

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Mark 1:15

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I don't know how some people think anymore. It's one thing to be out there protesting because it's been two months since you've been out of work and for whatever god forsaken reason the states still haven't processed their unemployment. How is it that the federal government can send out hundreds of millions of checks yet states can't process a few million unemployment checks. Sure you can't be evicted, foreclosed on, your electric, gas, cable and phone shut off but you know people still have to eat and you can't eat without money to buy food and for most sitting in your car all day, maybe even overnight depending on the city you live in, only to get enough to find yourself parked there again in a couple more days isn't anybody but those who work the system cup of tea. I can sympathize with those people, on the other hand last weekend when it warmed up here so many people went to the beach the picture shown on the news looked as though you couldn't found a spot to sit on the beach if you tried....now those people really want to make me shake my head. Even if I had entertained the thought of going to the beach once I got there and seen there was no way not to infringed upon someone else's blanket to sit down I think I'd opted for the half hour drive back home. Some people don't have the brains god gave a goose. They didn't decide to close down the beach...just the parking lot, you can still go to the beach it's just in that small town good luck finding a parking spot. If I were them I definitely wouldn't opt to choose that day to break in a new pair of your summer shoes.

It seems to depend on the culture of how many people get ill.

The only thing we know for sure is that there are people immune, there are people with mild or no symptoms at all and there are people cured and already send home after one day in the hospital.

We also know 1.5 meters distance, washing hands, and face masks are not doing the trick.
The virus is airborne and people are getting depressed, more commit suicide and in some countries, heavy drinkers and more overweight people (the group that ends up in hospital most) are created.

Everyone should decide him/herself how to handle this. Wear your face mask, stay at home in anxiety with doors and windows closed sit there till you die or live and die.
We all die and it is a right.

In the Netherlands, they say we do it for others but we do not. Those others, elderly people, for example, are home alone or dumped in a nursing home where caretakers work without protection. Those elderly people already are taken care of if badly for years and have a huge lack of vitamins and minerals. Those elderly people are not taken to hospital (70+ years old) because there's no room for them and they are useless for society).

The other group of people (others) are those who are overweight, heavily overweight, with high blood pressure, heart problems, and diabetics. The biggest part became this way by their own behavior. If our IC beds are filled choices will be made who can have a bed and who not.

Let us not pretend the lockdown is there to keep others safe because we do not care about these others neither do governments. Suck, old, overweight people do not benefit any country, society, or economy. Since most countries suffer over 10 years from an economic crisis this is the way to get rid of them.

Let people choose themselves how to live. They know the risks and "if you are too stupid to live it's only natural you die" (words cited by the teacher of my kid).

We all have the right to die. If the society always lets you down, let you drop dead, so easily grab a gun and shoot people at malls, how come is it certainly so important to keep us all alive?

Happy Saturday. 💕