Showcase-Sunday - A very special resurrected corpse.

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And why I would say that this one is a special corpse? And why I would say that this Showcase Sunday will bring back to life to a very special old post?

Well, easy. I assume this pretty ancient, dense and very long post that I'm gonna revive this Sunday just for you, will be very special for multiple and many reasons. Few of which I will detail below:

  1. Because in this post I reveal a lot about my real identity, a thing which I had not done before on the blockchain.
  2. Because this post is really exclusive and was never published before on nor re-posted on any other blockchain.
  3. Because this post was my very first article as some sort and kind of an #introducemyself presentation for the very first blockchain community which was born from the very same Steem blockchain as the product of one of their very first hardforks social experiments apart of Golos.

So, I suspect that with just these three reasons, this will be enough to pique your curiosity so that you continue reading until the end of this article to check the pulse of this corpse. erm... btw, ¿Are you a doctor?

But well, I think I will leave the preamble of this post until here. Because as I said before, this is going to be a very dense and long post. But at the same time, I also think it will be a very revealing and entertaining one. };)

So, without more ado.

"Kind of an introducemyself"

«-On some blockchain out there-»

(Apr 30 2018)

¡Howdy HIVE World!

Howdy HIVE community, Hiveians and everyone else around. ¿How do you do folks? ¿Everything fine in these socially newer and greener crypto pastures within the blockchain?

Excellent! over here @por500bolos giving you my best greetings. Yeah! that por500bolos. The elder Pinky Cranky Gandalf that probably most of you already know. :)

For some time now, a good bunch of old friends and early blockchain adopters asked me why I haven't joined this Social Network yet. That it was taking a long time to make my final entrance on this brand new revamped blockchain. That I was delaying too much in making my joyous crypto appearance in these new sea waters and promising. prosperous and well irrigated blockchain's lands of wealth. 💤

So, I had to remind them, that a true cranky wizard never rushes or falls behind in join the good fun without a thoughtful and in depth exploration first. I suspect that they already knew that. Actually, I had already joined a while ago. But I still hadn't told them that I had already done it. Hence, I guess that through this #introduction post today, I'm gonna confirm them that the most arduous exploration of this pinky task has already been done. :)

Most of you might wonder what new things of value I could share in HIVE with all of you. Maybe something newfangled that you might not have seen before from me. And the truth is, that you have all the right to ask yourself that. Because one never knows nor we could ever know for sure with what a legendary & ancestral magic spell an elder Cranky Gandalf like me would come here to enchant you and delight you through his thoughtful and fascinating mystical antics and always entrancing mischievous sense of humor all of the sudden. ¿Right?

As I've already been half insinuating you so far, that I also come from lands and oceans not so far away from where I presume most of you also come from. Then, I suppose there should be no surprise for no one or a mystery in what you might expect from me this time. };)

Yes, I came here from that pioneering network of digital social miners within the quarries of that blockchain in which you've probably also been before. Sweating copiously and tirelessly working with pick and shovel same like me. That one where I have been an active contributor and community builder since August 2016 four years ago. That one that has been under major overhauling these last days and weeks. I'm sure you know which one. 😘

Then, a few folks on that other dusty pit quarry dared to tell me:

Hey! but, ¡You will have no power there!

«-And I had no choice but dazzle them with my shiny 'pink' attire one more time-»

Yeah! just to remind them who's the cutest 'Pinky' Cranky Gandalf around the block.. chains.

Alright, but enough of voluptuous & seductive striptease by now. I am well aware that if you've had the courtesy and patience to read my hypnotizing and captivating words thus far, what you really want to know henceforth is watch and witness what can I bring under my pink sleeves for you in the next days, weeks, months and years.

¿Am I Right?

Ok, let's see...

  • ¿Did you know I used to make decently good original music back in the old rave days?
  • ¿Did you know that you can find and listen a few samples of my ancient musical creations on my bandcamp account right now?
  • ¿Did you know that I am a prominent vinyl LPs collector with an awful lot of records from the 60s & 70s?
  • And for the same reason, I am also a great connoisseur of la crème de la crème of the music of that glorious time?
  • ¿Did you know that I also used to be a notorious DJ/VJ and producer of legendary clandestine parties and outdoor big raves with massive youngster audiences within the underground scene, rave's circles and party circuits in my country?

Yeah! all that pleasant and gleeful cock-a-hoop was approximately from the early 90s until around 2005. Today I am too old to continue doing it. And moreover, that in my country, venezuela, currently at the moment the conditions are not given to continue doing it whatsoever unfortunately.

The reality is, that for different and multiple reasons along these last 13 years that have elapsed from those famous, animated and amusing dancing covens. I had to get rid of most of those longed for and loved toys to create, make & mix music and immersive visual wizardry until very recently. Yep, including my huge collection of LP records.

And the other big part of my dear stuff, I've been losing them and leaving them behind on the road through a sudden forced pilgrimage of errant solitude in which reasonably I consciously have had to maintain myself traveling with a very light luggage toward where the wind of randomness will take me until nowadays.

However, I still believe that I keep some of those dear gadgets, old toys and vinyl, safe in the home of some good friends somewhere. :)

But the most fortunate thing is; that although I no longer have all these oldskool musical tools physically at hand. I still preserve them and I have access to all of them from my prodigious memory to describe you and show you what I did with them.

Yup, my memory still works quite well!


So, if you've been behaving well so far and you've been a very curious good boy like the ones I like the most. One of those who already went to check & listened my early old songs in bandcamp and now you are wondering which could have been all those vintage toys and oldskool musical tools that I used to create these amazing tunes with which I just told you that many of these old toys I've already lost them. I will show you a few of them right away.

First of all, my remarkable multi polyphonic powerhorse:

«««-The Reverend Yamaha TX816-»»»

Second, but not less important:

«««-The Venerable Oberheim Xpander-»»»

Shortly after, a very sweet addition:

«««-My Very First AKAI Sampler-»»»

All of them attentive and obedient to the harmonious commands of:

«««-My OB-Xk2 MIDI Keyboard Controller-»»»

And obviously, something to record and sequence a few short digital phrases.

«««-My Humble Roland MSQ-700-»»»

Well yes, these were basically the ones that were almost always in charge of the melody and the harmonies of my extravagant non academic musical creations. Since I am not and I never been a musician who can read music scores nor musical notation whatsoever. Go figure! };)

And since I'm not as good at keyboards as I am with guitars. As soon as I had the chance I bought myself a better cool baton to coordinate the entire messy orchestra:

«««-With my flamant New Casio PG-380 MIDI Guitar-»»»

Those were the very early good days when I started to produce more seriously a good chunk of 'nice tunes' at the beginning of the nineties. In fact, I think some of those early short songs have already been uploaded online and you can enjoy a few of them in my bandcamp account right now. 😍

But then, suddenly, I started to get offers to perform live on small gigs on underground circles where DJing & VJing were mainstream. And due my geek nature and extensive technical knowledge with all the technology that that new environment offered me to experiment with in new territories not yet explored by me publicly. I could not resist the idea of trying to test and execute a helluva of new live extravagances in those novel creative spheres that had been fluttering in my head for a long time. I had already been a fairly successful DJ during the 70s in some nightclubs and discos around the city. So I told myself: ¿Why not again?

The only thing was that for that moment, the rhythm and the music in vogue that the youth enjoyed the most around those underground parties those days was mostly Techno & Trance. More specifically Minimal Techno and Acid Techno. With also a few circuits where good old fashion Jungle, Trance and Tribal still played a main role in them.

Also, in other emerging circles, it was already growing and in frank evolution a new collective of DJs and young musicians whose spearhead and main attractive was House, Downtempo, Big Beat, Trip Hop, "D'n'B", Dubstep and Psychedelic Trance. Rhythms that previously already were attracting me enormously and finally dragged me with more energy & briskness into those newer sordid dancing alleys with even a stronger interest than techno. Although acid techno raves were the most popular and crowded for that moment.

But nevertheless, I was not altogether familiar with the conceptualization and serious creation of this type of danceable musical rhythms yet. And although I certainly had already experimented a bit in trying to create a few of them. The truth be told. I still didn't dominate fully the swing nor had I created something worthy of adding to my usual live repertoire that was really that danceable.

So, I realized that I had to add as soon as was possible a few additional portable digital percussion gadgets to increase the power of my current weapons of massive danceable musical destruction. And in short time, I managed to acquire a handful of these beauties to my Live arsenal from Roland:

«««-A Classic Roland TB-303-»»»

«««-A Not Less Classic Roland TR-808-»»»

And as expected:

«««-A Memorable Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer also-»»»

All these sweethearts are the ones that I've commented that I had to get rid of them and many others I have been losing along the way over the last 13 years. Hence, all these charms are gone now far away of my reach.

Oh wait! today, I still conserve with me one of those elder Roland sweetnesses:

«««-The Honorable Roland MPU-401 with its MIF-IPC Card-»»»

That jointly with my brand new Pentium II 400Mhz PC at that time and a new music marvel digital tool from Propellerhead. They were the real culprits of my distancing, separation and outright divorce of my beloved and heavier HW siblings.

«««-Rebirth RB-338-»»»

Suddenly, I had added a second Roland TB-303 to my arsenal for barely a couple of hundred buck$. And with the ability to add a whole bunch of Mods & Plugins to turn out that digital battle horse into a truly powerful musical chameleon.

But hey, I think this post with my #introduceyourself has been hugely TL|DR and long enough already as to continue drilling your brain with so much babbling.

What do you think? ¿What's your opinion?

I hope and I aspire you let me know just 'that' in the comments section below.

So, for now, I think I'll have to continue the rest of this story in an upcoming post. You better follow me and stay in tune with my blog.

Because in the next articles and episodes of this long story, you might well know much better and amuse yourself a little more with the awful ton of different yummy stuff hidden under my pink sleeves that I bring with me to share with you just right here. };)

Who really knows?

Perhaps and I can even hypnotize you for a good while with a similar live psychedelic jam session like this next below through the days that are still to come.

Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!


"Follows, Comments, Resteems & Upvotes will be highly appreciated"

Cranky Gandalf

Cheers!! :)


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