Showcase-Sunday - What else better but a good laughter in solitude while in a lengthy lockdown?

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"Cater to the classes and you will live with the masses, cater to the masses and you live with the classes”

"The Gentleman Peeler"

Joseph "Joe" Ades

Well, today is Sunday. Or it was Sunday. Or even it is about to be Sunday. Yeah, somewhere in the world it was, is or will be Sunday. Trust me! Hence my Showcase-Sunday post of rigor now. };)

Because of lately, from the starting of the global quarantine and lockdown due the Covid-19. My awfully slow internet connection doesn't allow me to go online but only at midnight. I no longer know on what day I'm posting anything anymore. Wadda hell!!

But yeah, even so, I've heard a few nice things around. By instance, that the price of the HIVE token in the markets is doing and going pretty well at the moment. And it was then that it occurred to me to revive a rather humorous post for this edition of the initiative of our old good friend @nonameslefttouse.

¿Do you still have a resuscitator soul? ¿Yes? then go ahead and find your best corpse to insufflate new life to it.

And in view of this recent atmosphere of immigration between social blockchains and between social networks. From here to there and from there to here looking for where to finally settle your highly undecided ass. I'm planning and I'm gonna give you some ideas through this old post.

So, without more ado.

An Old "Social" COM Post

"Libidinous & Lujurious Facts"

(Jul 17 2018)

"Libidinous & Lujurious Facts"

I dunno about you, but seems like there is nobody here willing to give me now not even a quick wank or a good blow job these last days on steemit. So, I guess I will have to dress my best finery and I will have to look for a new brothel to visit soon. ¡Heck! I could even go back to the old familiar brothels where always every Madam out there used to make me a great hairstyle every time pampering me with their 'affectionate' caresses before I have to return home full satisfied again.

I know over there 'they' appreciate my weird babbling & indecipherable jokes better than here in hive or in steemit. The old madam always told me so. That with only my hair as a canvas for her last piece of art, my always skillful golden tongue and my veteran hands to return her the caresses on demand. She gives herself for more than well paid with my presence.

Oh! and the young ladies. Those cute ladies over there. They are always happy when I allow them to take as many pictures as they want with their cel phones of me posing naked my new hairstyle that just has made me the madam before I gotta go back home.

They with their radiant and mischievous smile always fill my heart with libidinous pleasure. They always get a new work of art for their collection and I am pleased to have pleased 'em their whims. };)

¿Can the steemians & hiveians in these new brothels surpass the great love and free beauty treatments that I do get in the old brothels I used to visit?

Well, I do not know. That remains to be seen. And you'll have to convince me and prove it first. As you know, I am not sexually insatiable, nor very ambitious or greedy. But maybe with only a few fat upvotes, a couple of good comments, one simple resteem/rehive and a nomination to win the Court Jester of #comedyopenmic would be enough to incline my mind & mood to consider it.

¡You may want to start considering this too!

Ok buddies, rant off. ¡This is it! You can go back to your regular program now. }:p

Alright pals! see you all again on my second entry of this ComedyOpenMic Round 22 Contest. And on this occasion I will nominate to @abh12345 & @paulag to participate on this great contest. So they both can give me afterwards with faithful precision the poor statistics & lame results that I'm gonna get with this post. ¡Bleh!

Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!


"Follows, Comments, Resteems & Upvotes will be highly appreciated"

Cranky Gandalf

Cheers!! :)

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