Well, today's friday's night. Do you wanna dance?

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¡Yay! I'm ready to dance! Yeah! dance with I, me and myself here, locked down at home enjoying big time my quarantine alone.

And I think you should enjoy yours too. No matter how odd, distracting, amusing, interesting or fascinating is your intimate hermit's company in this moment. Obviously! it's not a pre-requisite stay completely alone to enjoy fully this especial Covid's friday's night rave. Cause where can dance one, very well can dance two. And where can dance two... Ah! you know it.

As many of you may know, I use to share a big deal of well selected great tunes throughout my posts. Yeah, those audiovisual things I use to drop mostly at the end of my undecipherable articles to which I use to put the title 'Abstract Aural Bit' before all the madness starts.

And yeah, more than ever. I use to share these kickass, rare and unknown tracks on fridays. Because I know you can afford get drunk with the highly narcotic fumes of the music that I share these specific overjoyed elated days. At the threshold of your more than revered and praised weekends.

Simply because I'm sure you can endure better the hangover the next day without the hastiness to have to go outside and arrive on time anywhere.

And if in case you had not noticed yet. That's right! that red colored text above is a fearsome hyperlink that will lead you to a cool selection of my posts on the immutable blockchain with 'Abstract Aural Bits' inside.

Consume them wisely. I am not responsible for what you could do after the coven.

Bury me with my money

Oh shit! I got the coven hyperlinks above wrong. Bah! that is life too!

Therefore and without more ado...

Tha 'Abstract Aural Bit'

...to dance in this especial and lonely friday's night. Enjoy it!

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Hieronymus Bosch is my Boi! Man that guy was ahead of his time. Saw that in person at the Prado about 2 years ago.

Yeah mate. "El Bosco" that man had a lot of bliss and/or hell to hide in his crotch creatively speaking. :)

Must have been a great experience watch that painting closer & live at the Prado.


if any one is alone at home, then dancing is best in quarantine life ,

Exactly! No one around that might tell you that their feet hurt, their waist hurts, that they're tired or that they have a headache. No, No, No, No. Nah! Dance! Dance! Dance! little grasshopper. };)