Hive Music A to Z (day G)

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My post goes for nice @psos challenge Hive Music A to Z. The rules are simple: use #a-zmusic hashtag and each day tell about 2 bands (and pick up two songs as illustration). I love music since my primary school as I remember, so I definitely can tell you a few names.

Today is day G? Good. Fasten your seat belts!

Gotan Project

when: 2000-es
where: Paris, France
genre: tango
key track: Santa Maria

Frankly speaking I do not know much about the band. For me its a band of one track only :P It has stunning black and white visuals, do check. Tango.. Argentina... Woman, love, passion, bandaneon, accordeon, black and white, you-are-dead, memories, mesmerizing... You cannot but fall in love with it. I have an acquaintance who entitle this track to be the best song in the human history. Is that really so? Probably the answer doesnt matter at all.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor

when: 1998-2008
where: Canada
genre: post-rock
key track: Hung Over as the Queen in Maida

This one is not so pop / accessible as previous one, probably will take more time to get into if you would be intrested.


Real composers consider nothing important (musically) can be said within the pop format of 3-minute songs, even 5 is not enough. This track is 18 minutes, as most other tracks of this miraculous band. Post-rock. Kraut-rock. Sympho. Dark. Voiceless. Void. Stress and Tension. You name it.

Once I used to be into this band, and this kind of post-rock music, very much. It was apparently the middle of 2000-es. Traditional rock seemed to be sick, pompous and incorrigibly false, and this, on the contrary, was a breath of fresh air, a step to the honest music like it should be.

'Its better late, than for nobody". They visited my city a few times, I saw them live once (in a halfed condition of the band). It was a very little jazz club, maybe the audience was less that 100 folks. I have no idea. I was charmed. I lost my mind, I just remember my feelings about the music clearly: it was like all the world gone mad and ruined and rushing to the abyss, washed off by some Steel Flood... as if the massive reinforced concrete structures around me were falling like a house of cards, and I stood still above it at a small safe patch. This music is full of sorrow.

I could not but mention their other track, 'East Hastings', was included into the soundtrack to the film "28 Days Later" (@trincowski, have you seen it?). Human civilization have fallen part just in 28 days, after some nasty virus shit escaped military labs. Our life today is just a very very light version of that film.

Adding to my post some decent amount of gig posters. For those who love the visual side of things. Cannot cite all the sources, but I hope this is qualified as 'fair use'.

gybe gigs1.jpg
gybe gigs2.jpg
gybe gigs3.jpg

These are some CDs from my collection -- the artists and LPs I decided to keep, when a few boxes went to the dust-been in 2012.


Next time!

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@tipu curate :)

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I am glad you enjoyed my little G-sketch. Are you into music?

Cieszę się, że podobała ci się moja mała historia. Czy jesteś fanem muzyki?

I must say you guys are really music freak, I mean you and @trincowski... My music taste always changes and I don't know why sometimes I hear old Bollywood songs as I was a fan of Bollywood Hindi songs when I was a teenager... I never heard that music you have shared.. Nice one..

freaks? well... I'd rather count myself as a 'meloman' i.e. music does take a sufficient place in my life.. but ok, 'freak' sound promising too. I am sure you will enjoy 'Santa Maria' track :) cheers!


Hahaha... A decent word can be music lover :P

they simply name it 'a fan'

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Aahahha! You're right about me! I listen to bands that don't exist yet! 😁

On that note, every day I came to know about the new music band :P Many people in my country call these unknown bands as Underground Band.

Yep. There are many good underground bands! Also called garage bands. 😄

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I have an acquaintance who entitle this track to be the best song in the human history.

That song is very cool... a mix between Rock and Tango... but "the best song in the human history"? I don't think it's possible to award that title to any song! There is so much good music out there. Who are we to say which one is the best? 😂

I never heard about Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Quite a long track! I'm still listening to it. Thanks for showing it to me... and no, I haven't seen that film yet.

Interesting Spoken Word part in the middle of it. 😉

hey - I have that film downloaded AGES ago, but I havent seen it either. (simply: I am afraid of doing it... but probably it is sitting there and waiting for some desperate black spot in my life when I'd feel miserable enough to watch it...)

I'm still listening to it.

in case you would want to continue this acquaintance, I have track #2 which is less long: 'kicking horses at Brokenhill'

Spoken Word are the words of 'a preacher man',,, and yeah, very impressive who can understand (and willing to think of) what he's talking about.

thanks for stopping by. !BEER

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Gotan Project :) great great choice! ;)