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RE: CURATION ON HIVE - What is it and how to do it? (+ How I curate)

in GEMS3 months ago
  • Could you please explain what a curation trail is and how to follow your curation trail?
  • Also, what amount of HP do you consider low HP vs high HP?

Curation trail means if you follow my account, whenever I upvote someone with that account, you will upvote it also.

I'm gonna copy-paste what I already answered on a crosspost:

I believe what I wanted to say is if you have little HP (less than 10k, since my main account have 10k) then it would be better to follow my alt account that curates first to get more rewards since I will curate with my main account after 1 minute.

But, if you also want to support my main account and what I do, you can follow my main instead of my alt account.

It's all up to you to decide if you want to do it. I will appreciate whatever someone chooses. My goal is to curate good content. :)