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Every new journey starts with some goals and some anticipation in my mind. Making them a reality is the real deal. While HIVE Blockchain has been a baby from the start but within a very short period of time, it has accomplished a lot of unbelievable achievements which probably many coins were not able to come this far. It's a great honor to be aside HIVE and keep on supporting it and be a content creator of this chain.


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It is known to us how much it needed for us to get away from Steem and make a truly decentralized platform where the voice of the community really mattered. I am not really surprised because I had faith (I still do) in this community because that is why I am here and I believe you are as well. Let's make it great and take it above and beyond.

Achievements so far :

  • The contents that are appearing on your feed. The users of the community are using this chain and while I am curating I am noticing many are preferring Hive over Steem. Of course, that is a positive way of seeing it and I truly believe the number will always increase in favor of decentralization and true meaning of it.

  • Exchange Listing of Hive token: So far 2 major big exchanges have listed HIVE token in their exchanges with respected BTC pairing and even in USDT pairing as well. Those exchanges are Bittrex and Probit. In addition to that, we also have a listing on Ionomy which is a small exchange in terms of volume but that does counts as an + point for us all. While in the next few days we are going to get some more good news about more listing of HIVE & HBD token as well.

Honestly speaking many of you might be aware that these sort big exchanges listing a new coin in their exchanges, the number of fees sometimes they charge listing fees 5000-1000 USD. You can imagine how much support we got and how much forward we are moving to with HIVE by this listings. Long way ahead lads, Long way!

  • Some entities are cutting their legs with their own axe: Censorship, deleting posts, downvoting users for not agreeing with them (with the biggest amount in terms of DV in their history) that is a forsaken attempt. hard to believe but it is happening.

  • We have HIVE.Vote :
    It is basically the version of Steemauto. Except it will work on Hive Blockchain. No more worry about your VP going to waste, even if you are not around.

More developers are working on their projects and it is no doubt that in the next coming days we are going to see some major Dapps evolving in Hive Blockchain. This is just the beginning of something new. We have a long run to go for and many more things are waiting for us!

Hive is alive!

That is it for the day!

Enjoy Your Day


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Loving all this. Thanks for posting my brother

Great news all around.

My concern is Steem Engine. Will they be joining us?

Glad to see you on Hive.

As far Aggroed said in his recent post, we will be getting HIVE-Engine pretty soon.

Yes! I figured as much.