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It is just a matter of time I believe we will have a sister chain and see what we can really do on that chain. If could be an immense opportunity for content creators/devs/investors to make things work out in HIVE (the new name of the SISTER Chain). While there are still many facts not known but we all are waiting for the unveiling of this phenomenon step for the community.

So after all this, now I am hungry! Well do not blame me, I have been maintaining my diet for the last few days and these foods are making me really hungry. If I am being honest I have gained some weight recently and that is because of my job and my laziness of keeping an eye on my weight lol. But Yep, I can see some changes (positive) that I am losing weight and probably few more weeks I will get back to my original shape ;)

Street Foods are the BEST!


Since I am talking about food do not tell me you are not aware of the above item. yep, one of my favorite dishes of all time. Whenever I make it in my home I somehow finish almost 1/3 of it while I am cooking it. This above image was captured a few days ago when I was having it while I was with a few of my friends.


And there is that as well, the pasta. Well, I can not refer it to pasta as it was certainly noodles but the vendor was selling it as PASTA. I cannot blame him and neither I was in a mood of argument. But tastes it and it was not that bad and was also reasonable in terms of price I suppose.

1 29.jpg

While as I was coming back I saw this hardboard with a little unique concept. I guess the different names were mentioned out of both the animals in a very nice way. Kind of like in the class book of anatomy I suppose. By the way, this was a meat shop that sells premium quality meats of all kinds, as they claim. I liked this idea that I must say.

1 28.jpg

To sum up this day, I want to show you a glimpse of the SUNSET. Not that it was captured on that day but I want you guys to get a feel like a blog is ending like the sunset jk. Because every dusk is the beginning of a new dawn! That sums up the blog ladies and gentlemen. I hope you stay safe and remember to stay away from crowded places(unless necessary). I hope the Covid 19 Antidote comes out soon then we can expect. May Almighty have mercy on us all!


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damn mouth watering :/

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You should not visit blogs related to foods ;)
Not good for your DIET 🤤

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