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Hello lovely friends!

In life we often experience confusion with what is happening around us. Real events are often not what we see them. Moreover, if we hear various information that will often clash and collide due to various sources we cannot count the number. Many informants only provide information without being certain.
Various news through growing social media often give wrong information. They send information and are immediately accepted by the audience. Just look at the various developing cases that will be followed by hoaxes and misleading news. Worse, not everyone has the ability to verify the truth of the news. Many people swallowed the information they got.
As a result, people will experience disorientation towards news. If we are not careful then we will become victims and be consumed by the news so that we will have a wrong understanding and even worse if we then spread the news with the wrong perspective.



Wisdom filters

For that, it takes maturity to think so that we don't swallow the news without knowing the truth. This is a step that must be taken so as not to be included in the vortex of fake news. We should not only hear the news and then tell others it as if we are the ones who know the most about an event.
We must be able to convince ourselves of the truth of a news. If we are sure that the news is true then we will be able to provide correct information.
There are several steps we can take so that we can trace the truth of a story.

1. View news sources

We must take news from reliable sources. Mainstream media can be an option so that we don't get into gossip or rumors that are not clear. With the freedom to deliver news, many media provide poor information. They only think that they can make a profit.

2. Make comparisons

It is better if we compare the news with several different sources so that we can see it from several points of view. This will increase our knowledge and can further trace the truth of a news.

3. Don't jump into spreading the word

The dangerous thing that often causes badness is the habit of participating in spreading the news without knowing exactly what the problem is. Maybe good intentions want to help provide information, but often it will have legal consequences as an implication of spreading fake news. It would be wise if we didn't do that.



Legal implications

The circulation of hoaxes can also have implications for the law. Regulations have determined the existence of sanctions for spreading hoaxes or hate speech. This is taken as a preventive and curative step so that the public does not just disseminate information.
What should be observed is our policy in social media so as not to arrive at a legal step that will happen to us. We can use various social media as a means of socializing in cyberspace, but we also have to maintain our desire to share information properly and correctly.
When getting information, first study the truth and then think about the benefits or bad effects that will be caused to spread.
After we are sure that the information is useful and can inspire, we can spread kindness to others.

Thus all my writing this time may useful for all of us.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.