Difficult times

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Together we can do this

For this past couple of days I really can get myself to sit and create content with everything that is happening in or World.

This are difficult times. Sad times. But also the time to finally bring the changes that need to be made.

So if this days my posts are all over the place or I am not posting that much. I apologise.

But the most important now is that we stand together with our black family members, black friends, black work colleagues and stand up with them. We can't be silent.

It is time to make the changes that should have been done long time ago. It is time to act.

The Black lives matter movement it is important and we need to support it. Online but most important in real life situations.


To all my black friends out there know that I Love You, I hear You, I see You and I will always stand with You in this fight.


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Well said, man. Well said. Every life is as important as the next one, and we are all equally resposible for it.

Thank You so much. Now that this spark was ignited for real in America with this situation. It is up to everyone to take this battle for real. To end up with something that should have already be changed long time ago. Everyone need to be aware and educate themselves. Thank You so much. I am glad to see that are many people in here in support of the black lives matter movement.

You're welcome. It would be impossible to live life without caring for others. And, yes, black lives do matter.

I don't feel right being out here creating silly content related with my life, or lifestyle in this times. I really don't feel that is right to do that :(

I respect that @sergiomendes. It's perfectly fine if you feel that way. I mean, we are in the middle of the biggest health and economic debacle in the last few decades. The social and political unrest asks us to speak up. Feel free to do so for the sake of family and friends. For the sake of workmates, neighbors and people we go to church with. People of color have as much claim to life as everyone else. We should stand up to protect them too.