"A" to "Z": HIVE Music Challenge [ #E ] - (Eurythmics - Eagles)

in hive-148441 •  2 months ago 

Second participation in this simple but wonderful music-themed @psos challenge.
Today I selected 2 more international music pearls, strictly rock!

Eurythmichs: I saved the world today

Sarebbe stato troppo facile citare la band di Annie Lennox attraverso l'intramontabile "Sweet Dreams".
Ho preferito citare una canzone più di nicchia ma che ho sempre adorato.
Riesca a trasmettere una pace interiore incredibile.
Ascoltatela se non mi credete.

Eagles: Hotel California

I chose this song because it's literally one of the songs I've listened to the most in my entire life.
Does anything else need to be added?

Buon ascolto!
Stay tuned!

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Good choices :)

Two classic songs. Thanks for sharing!