I love music (challenge) - [Music A to Z Challenge #D - Depeche Mode & Dire Straits]

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There's a new challenge running on Hive: Music A to Z Challenge. The challenge is to share two artists/ bands starting in A...until we get the Z :)

Today with the letter D I remembered these two bands:

Depeche Mode: Personal Jesus

31 years and don't hear them. An iconic piece, covered dozens of times even by very famous artists like Marylin Manson. Personal Jesus is linked to my musical background like many Depeche Mode songs but it's also a very frequent soundtrack during workout, fitness and running.

La mia seconda scelta è forse ancora più banale ma altrettanto doverosa se parliamo di band con la D. Come non omaggiare i Dire Straits e la chitarra di Mark Knopfler?

Dire Straits: Romeo & Juliet

Romantic ballad that evokes one of the most famous stories in history. Not to be missed on playlists. It is definitely a timeless song that becomes yours more and more, with every listening.

Buon Ascolto!
Stay tuned!

Thanks to @psos for the #a-zmusic initiative

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Great choices :)