People are not afraid of the virus because of livelihood

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Almost everyone knows about the state of this difficult time in the world.People like us in the least developed countries are probably the ones who understand this problem the most.

On the one hand, the fear of the virus, on the other hand, people are going to work every day for a living, so the two people have become very helpless.Their lack of food, their lack of livelihood and their fear of the virus have made life difficult.
Because my house is on the side of the road today I went out for a long time and I recorded a video to show you what a difficult day people are going through.
However, we need to be mentally strong, one day all will be well, one day peace will return to the world.

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Hello dear friend @ shuvo35,
the situation is worrying, everyone should be aware of what is happening and do their best to stay safe
Take care dear friend
I wish you a great night

thanks for your kind words

That's really bad. But I believe we can come out stronger. We all have to be resilient and develop a strong mentality like you said. The pandemic has caused further suffering. However, all hope is not lost. Thanks @shuvo35

thanks for your compliment