late night b.b.q at village house

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In this difficult time of the world, we are all under house arrest and going through a very boring time.Everyone is having such a boring time together that it is not possible to express the answer in word.However, if peace were to return to the world after living under house arrest, that would be good for everyone.

I have a village house with my family at the moment because there are very few people in the village house and the environment is very nice so I am moving from the city to the village and for the time being I will stay in the world as long as it is not good .
There are 6 of us in the village house and all of a sudden we have planned to have a b.b.q party today and finally after a long wait our party has been completed today in a very homely environment with good hygiene and safe distance.
Although the village environment is very quiet but there are no facilities like in the city so we had to arrange everything ourselves for the party here and it was very difficult to do that and finally we succeeded.IMG_20200527_005522_362.jpg
My younger brother is busy making steel nets because there was no net for friying chicken meat. 20200527_00324101.jpegEventually we created the net and managed some coal.20200527_00322801.jpegThe chicken meat was cut fresh and smeared with spices.
Then the meat is well tried by lighting a fire in the artificial oven. 20200527_00275701.jpegFinally after a long time of cooking we got our desired success.20200527_00335701.jpegFinally after a long wait and after a long hard work now I will eat now on my plate so friends this was my day today all in all the day was beautiful and I spent time with a family. hope to stay home and spend time with family Try to stay well. thank you.

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