We are sitting on a time bomb

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The world is facing a situation that is crippling every human activities. Our social, political, economical and everything human is on a pause right now.

It's as if the world is on a stand still. Like we were on motion before and something or someone matched a break and everything stops.

The situation and reality out there is about life and death. You are alive if you follow all that are laid down by the government and health workers. If not, you stand the chance of fighting to survive a bug (virus) that attacks the lung.

In Europe, Africa, Asia and every part of the world, the human life has turned to a shadow of itself. It is now about survival of the fittest. By fittest, it boils down on strong immunity without initial health condition.

While covid-19 is troubling the world, getting victims and killing humans, world leaders have adopted total lockdown as a means to reduce the spread of the virus.

Many countries are able to do that with palliative measures which are developed as a means to ensure people truly stay at home.

Same can't be said about Nigeria. We had our lockdown for 4 weeks. In those weeks, the government promised citizens palliative measures but they soon politicise it.

Many masses didn't get any help to cushion the effect of the pandemic. Hunger set in and people started pleading for a relax of the lockdown.

Since government were not ready and the situation of things doesn't look palatable, some unpatriotic youths took to robbery.

They form a gang and called themselves the 1 Million Boys. These boys raided many houses, stole material stuffs and money before people stood against them.

Youths turned into vigilante just to defend their territories. This continued for weeks before the government were able to catch many of these unpatriotic youths.

Since palliative measure does not look possible and hunger is becoming the order of the day, the government relaxed the lockdown and asked citizens to follow social distancing and hygiene rules set by NCDC.

As work resumes, millions trooped out to start their daily business. There was massive traffic on busy cities. Banks were full to the brim and social distancing was not observed.


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People walk on the street with no nose mask. Many move from one place to another without any protection. You will see people doing their business like the virus is not real but an utopia.

In the commercial buses, you see people touch almost everything and use same hands on themselves. Many don't have hand sanitizer on them.

People still sit together in beer parlours gisting and enjoying their drinks. You will think the virus is gone and Nigeria is free from it.

Many gather outside to play Ludo game, draft, table tennis, etc. If these people put on nose mask, at least we would be less concerned but they don't.

We are in the second week already since the lockdown was relaxed and i fear what might follow. Already, we have community spread in Nigeria.

The government have already said our safety is in our hands. Meaning we have to do all within our reach to be safe but unfortunately we care less.

There are many, i mean millions of Nigerians who still believe the whole coronavirus is a hoax. They believe it is a way for the government to steal and embezzle fund.

In fact, many ask how come they haven't seen anyone who knows another person that knows someone who has the virus? They ask rhetorical questions to show their disbelief of the virus.

This is aiding the spread and making people to be careless about their lives.

We are only sitting of a time bomb. We ought to learn from countries who suffered the outbreak and buried thousands of people daily. But sadly, Nigerians are taking the whole thing as a joke.

Someone needs to tell my fellow countrymen to wake up as this is a serious matter. The virus is real and it kills.

I hope we realize soon before things get out of hands.

Thanks for your time.

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We will see. I suspect they are embezzling the funds either way.

But based on what I am reading, this coronavirus can be deadly, but not more so than Dengue, Malaria, Tuberculosis, or even the very common yearly Influenza. I think city people will think twice and move back to the farms with their families, planting corn and cassava and enjoying the autumn years!

Be well!

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