Dingy dotted skippers feeding on Sweet Potato flowers

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While inspecting my vines I saw a small Butterfly feed on the flower. We got many flowers this year and the plants seem quite happy. So did the skipper, I could see it feeding on the flower deep inside.






After feeding for a few minutes not minding me at all. It then jumped down to a near by leaf and just sat there in the sun for a few minutes.



A little later that day I saw another similar looking butterfly. But it was a lighter color. Maybe one was a female and the other was a male.




Cool to see two Butterflies visit those flowers. I have seen all kinds of bugs visit the Sweet potato flowers. Seems like they all like it alot. And with their help I could harvest seeds. Though I think I would rather grow the by slips or spuds.


I wish that a sweet potato vine could also bear fruits @solominer and that would also make it the most versatile food ever. We could then utilize both its spuds, young leaves, and the supposed fruit it that would happen.

But having to use the young leaves while it is growing and not having the spuds yet makes it a very good choice for cultivating it too :)

Hah yeah well the Sweet Potato is a special plant like that.. Its not like other Potatoes. Normally Potato leaves are not edible, but its awesome they are with these Sweet Potatoes.

I know White, Yellow and Red Potatoes can form a fruit but its poisonous. Never heard of the Sweet Potato flower forming a fruit.

Yep I love that too, eating the leaves of the Sweet Potato plant does not affect it that much. It grows so fast I dont think it even notices I leaf or two eaten.

Probably this is because the flower has a sort of nectar that probably attracts them you know. Butterflies seems to have a taste for great flowers. It's obvious being attracted. You have beautiful plants all round

Yeah I think you're right. Alot of different bugs have been visiting that flower.. must be tasty.

thanks alot, I am really happy with how its all turning out.

Yeah the flower must have that attractive scent since butterflies can be sensitive.

looking so nice on the Potato flowers

Sure was pretty, thanks lot.

I couldn't sit there and watch... It's weird a little.

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haha yeah I am weird like that.. rather interact with insects and stuff than people.

I get it. I'm not a big people person.

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