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Since the announcements of the "Lock Down" (due to the Corona Virus), Layoffs are spiraling out of control in America right now.

I've just did a quick google trends search for the word "Unemployment" and my state of Nevada (Las Vegas at 100!) is ranked #1 and its only been like 10 days since the lock down. 📆

Studies suggest that many jobs will not come back for a very long time regardless if the pandemic tapers down or not.

Across America, reports are coming in fast stating that about 5-6 million people will at least visit unemployment line in for the month of March.

Can you say, WTF!! All this happened in just a few weeks. WOW! 😲

In the next few hours, the jobs reports will come out and in my opinion, it's going to look very bad. 🤷‍♂️

I believe we are just in the beginning stages of this "crises" and things will get much... much... worse.

This may affect the price of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in 2020 for the worse.

As more people are becoming unemployed, they will not look into crypto's or stocks for investments as many will need all the money that they can get... just to survive the crisis.

Can Bitcoin go to $1000?? I'm not going to say anything. 😐

I hope I'm wrong but the numbers just don't lie.

It's going to be a very ruff 2020 for many of us and we may all be in beginning of a very long recession for a few years. 🙇

The only thing to do is to be positive and get to work... In times of crisis, people need to start hustlin' harder than ever before by learning new abilities and skill sets to dominate when the recession is over.

This post isn't here to scare you but just to prepare yourself for the worse and hope for the best. Lets GO! 🙋‍♂️

Keep on STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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This is going to be a crazy for every where by the effect of corona! Lockdown and stay home.

The only thing we all can do is wait and see what happens :)

Right now one of those $10,000 3d printed homes is looking dammmmmn nice... My monthly housing costs are almost $1600! I just got a new part time job, working with an agency that services Microsoft, HOWEVER... how long will that last? :)

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Yeah man it’s going to be bleak Canada and the aussies are also getting it now pretty bad with the job losses I guess that’s why thy saying stay in your home as long as you can because soon you won’t be able to make the payments and be out on your arse!

Is it true that Canadians getting $2k a month for 4 months? I heard it on twitter LOL :)

I read that too and they're getting their taxes deferred too! They going full Yang Gang, too bad they didn't call it the freedom dividend lol

Socialism at its finest lol

I don't see any other outcome to this besides bad.

  ·  10 days ago (edited)

When the fed and the governments prints unlimited money, it's never good for the peeps... maybe crypto can change the future 😃

Last time they did it there was that whole Occupy Wall Street movement. Conviently no one could protest this time.

Stacking my Gee, just imagine if things going this deep south in the US, how bad it would be over here in the far corners of the world in Nigeria? We haven't been on total lockdown yet and life is already becoming miserable.

In about 5-10 years, the world need a whole reset and a new kind of monetary policy. Hope it happens

I sure hope so too.

Oh man!! I just started job hunting. This aught to be interesting. Maybe i can start making big bucks trading my steem-engine tokens. Smh --guess we'll see where this goes in due time won't we?!!

Lets see what happens in a few months, maybe this lock down can last the whole year lol

Who knows Charles. Who knows. Haha thanks to you i learned i am eligible for 2 grand for four months. The economies a frigging trainwreck waiting to happen. Have you seen Robert Kiyosaki's view on the current situation? Icarumba Charles. What are we going to do?? How's the home workouts going?

What a mess but you are right @stackin, it's time to double down on the hustle.

It does make sense to hustle hard, we have nothing else to do being imprisoned at home lol

Here in South Africa we are going in full lock-down tonight at midnight!! We already have a very high unemployment rate, but most employers will keep people employed until after the crises, but might not be able to pay them. Some companies might also not survive the crises, which will increase unemployment. I am lucky that I am still getting payed and can work from home.

In the mean time I will start fixing my vegetable garden to help with fresh veggie supply!1

Stay safe!!

Maybe I need to start a veggie garden and get my head out of this insanity going on. lol

Gooday @stackin. Perhaps there might (in the longer term) be better times ahead if this crisis acts as a catalyst for positive change as it could do, especially with the help of The Matrix-8 Platform for equitable governance.

Find out more about Matrix-8 and some alternative viewpoint from Doctors and the Brazilian President in my post of earlier today: https://peakd.com/hive-120078/@atma.love/the-c-word-emperor-has-no-clothes-long-live-the-president-of-brazil