Learning Professional Photography - First Hand With "Cannon M 50"

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My first Lemon Shot lesson with a professional Camera. I am not a born photographer, neither I have any passion, Nor I can afford any costlier lenses, but these shots make me belive I can be one of the many.

It was some instruction by my Nephew that allow me to take all the picture.


My first try didn't gone well...I get too close to get the front leaf blurred. Also I was bit shaky, due to holding an expensive camera in my hand.

Then I put focus on a single lemon. And for me it went perfectly fine.


I tried different setting and keep clicking one by one. My nephew keep giving me few instruction too.




Last year one of my nephew brought a new Cannon M50. He is a wedding photographer and needs something special. He taught me to do fixes on camera lenses, and I tried on these lemon. I really appreciate my work, still I belive there are more improvment areas.
This was my first day of photography lesson, and after that, I had few more. Next time when he comes, I try to learn more of photography.

Stay Home....Stay Safe !!

Namaste @steemflow
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Nice post @steemflow

Thanks....i tried to learn my best

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The canon M50 is a neat little camera. Move shots dude!

Thanks dear...the more expensive the lenses the beautiful shots are...I trully loved...but never can own them...it was nice learning exp

They look pretty great in my opinion. What do you use to edit them?

It was not editted..I took it as a lesson from my nephew before lockdown...he has variety of pro camera and this is his new toy..

Very nicely captured shots

wow beautiful photographs my friend..

Learning few tricks....though not my mobile...but still whenever he comes..I took lesson

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The M50 is a great camera and in the hands of someone who loves to take pictures it makes beautiful photos as you can see in your pictures.
I wish you much fun with the camera and hope to see many nice photos from you in the future.
Have a great day and take care 🙂


Unluckily, the magical instrument was with me only for few days...and hardly made much use of it...still few more to come. I loved the lenses and how beautifully captured. Waiting to get the lockdown over so that to meet him again

Oh, I'm sorry, I seem to have read something wrong - I thought something like you would own the M50 now.
I loved the M50 and I still hate myself for being so stupid and sell mine when I bought the EOS R. I should have kept the M50, because there have been many times when I had wished to have it with me instead of the big EOS R.

Next time when you meet your friend, take the Canon M50 and run ;) lol


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