Grand Central terminal

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Grand Central In Sepia

For today's post I am sharing a few shots on the main concourse at Grand Central, and as I was looking for shots to edit these ones called out to me to edit in some form of Sepia, so this will also be a post for Sepia Saturday hosted by @old-guy-photos.

Starting with a shot of the Main concourse taken at about 7 AM in the morning, for some it may look busy, but this is a quiet time for the station.

1 1 grand central in Sepia.jpg

Sony A7iii 21mm F5.6 1/60 Sec ISO 5000
Click here to view larger

I am not sure of the numbers were prior to the Corona Virus, but from an article back in 2013 I read the following Every day, more than 750,000 people pass through Grand Central, which is more than the entire population of Leeds, or roughly the population of San Francisco, or about one a half times the population of Wellington the capital of New Zealand.

I have seen some shot online of how quiet the streets of NYC are at the moment and the same with the subway stations and Grand Central must seem so weird for those that still are commuting through them.

This next shot is looking up the stairs heading out to Vanderbilt Ave, and again my sort of style of Sepia, the first shot was a more ambrotype style of edit, and this next one is a subtle sepia style.

And thinking of how quiet the streets are in NYC is a big part of what lead my mind to want to edit these shots in a sepia feel which gives a more timeless and perhaps dramatic feel to them.

1 1 grand central in Sepia2.jpg

Sony A7iii 21mm F2.8 1/60 Sec ISO 1250
Click here to view larger

And another of the exits out of the main concourse, these escalators head up to the Met Life building and is the way I would exit the terminal most mornings when I was heading to work for the day, often as I did heading, of course I seldom walked straight to the office often heading for a round about half hour walk before heading into the office.

1 1 grand central in Sepia3.jpg

Sony A7iii 21mm F5 1/60 Sec ISO 800
Click here to view larger

And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.

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beautifull place❤️

Thanks kindly your support is appreciated

Have a great day

That place looks so cool in sepia! Awesome!

Thanks I thought it worked for these shots

Great shot! I remember I spent quite some time in there taking photos. Fascinating architecture! I would love to take some shots now when it's all empty.

yeah I have been thinking the same walking te streets there now and getting shots without the crowds would be cool to do

To me one of the most beautiful public architectural places in NYC...

I would agree with you I passed through it so many times and never tired of it

Looking amazing!


Nice shots! The pictures of the empty streets have definitely been crazy to see lately. Hopefully we can get back to the normal routine soon!

I think it will take a while but soon we will start seeing some returning to normal but to a new normal nd I suspect it will take a while, trying to rush back to normal could make it all worse

I have heard that restaurants are already preparing to operate differently once things open back up.

Yeah I have heard that s well, and smaller ones with limited are very worried that may not be able to operate at a profit

Realized yesterday I owed you a 100% upvote for a #TripleTen back in October! 🤭

Stay safe!

Ohh you did I had forgotten I even did one back then :)
you to stay safe

I don't think these photos would look even half as good as they look in monochrome and sepia - beautiful shots of a beautiful architecture :)


Thanks thats a big compliment coming from you my friend I hope your weekend is going well :)

That's only my honest opinion - they look cool, JJ 👍🙂

I had a very relaxing walk this morning, met a beaver and 2 deer which swam in the lake, but I have been so surprised that this blurry image was the sharpest I could make ;)

Hope your weekend is going well too, my friend.

WOW thats is so cool never seen a perspective like that of a deer

I have never ever seen a deer swim ;)

no that was new to me also :) 👍🙂👍


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The Grand Central Station of NY is truly grandiose. And your photos capture the hugeness of the place! How does one do sepia in photos, @tattoodjay?
Be safe and take care, my friend 🥰🌺🤙

Ohh yeah it's an amazing place I do miss passing through it, and as for Sepia, I do it in Lightroom and Photoshop, but I I think most camera apps that have B&W probably have a sepia filter as well

I don't have that, so I just used the iPhone editing program for the post that I just uploaded. I know it can be better, arrrgh!

I love that shot and your edit, they are fine its all about having fn with what you have ;)

The Sepia color certainly gives a great and warm effect to the buildings JJ.
As you can see, I only saw this post now and strangely I tried to do a form of nature's natural Sepia in my post today. But got carried away by her other colors as well lol. Didn't know that there is a Sepia challenge on the go.
Next time maybe!

Blessings and take care!

Thanks My friend and yes Sepia Saturday has been going for was while I try and join it now and again and now off to visit your post ;)

Thank you for the visit JJ and glad that you liked the post.
For some reason I don't often post in challenges and competitions, as I would rather leave them open for others to win.
I have entered one or two but by winning them scared me off.

Just the way that I am.

Blessings and take care.

I can relate I seldom enter contests I do not mich challenges that are for fun but stay away from contests :)

Amazingly similar habits that we've got mate.

yeah I have noticed that as well :) we are kindred spirits in many ways

Two of a kind and birds of a feather my bro.

Any photographer able to get there now would have an entertaining time with no people around. You did well in early morning, avoiding the masses that pass through there.

Grand architecture excellent photography, have an awesome day in whatever you do.

I see the odd photo from some photographer friends on Farcebook and it looks so range seeing such deserted streets

Cheers and have a great day

Love it. Nice shots :)


have a great day