Playing around at home - Pencil photos

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Bored at home - Pencils

I have been digging through my photo folders to find shots for posts over the last few weeks since I have have been staying indoors with my wife at home and avoiding risking coming in contact with the Virus but also to avoid all the pollen in the air at the moment o avoid the risk of having my allergies flare this year on my Doctors advise.

I had been thinking of doing some shots at home but didn't really have a spot for it, and was to last being honest to set up a spot then pack it down again afterwards so had not been doing any.
But earlier this week when I was doing some cleaning I thought about my wife computer table which she uses occasionally for drawing and coloring, but hasn't for a while and thought I could move that into another room near a window with some natural light coming in and try to come up with ideas for photos to do for fun and to keep my sanity,

Which is what I did and this will be the first in a series that I am not sure I will call either Bored at home or playing around at home which will be where I try and find things around the house or in our little back yard area to take photos of.

Well a natural thing to start with since my wife did drawing on this table was to take some photos of her coloring pencils

I tried a few different shots with them and I think this one is my favorite so will share it first.

1 1 bored at home series Pencils3.jpg

Sony A7iii 90mm F10 1/60 Sec ISO 5000
Click here to view larger

Taken shots inside with limited light, and for these it was a couple of lamps I had around the house providing light since the day was very cloudy and not much natural light was coming in the little window I set up by.

I next tried a few different shots with varying amounts of pencils, 4

1 1 bored at home series Pencils.jpg

SSony A7iii 90mm 3.2 1/60 Sec ISO 640
Click here to view larger

and then with 7, I like this shot and yet hate it, I didn't line up the pencils very well, which kind of spoils the image.

1 1 bored at home series Pencils2.jpg

SSony A7iii 90mm F10 1/60 Sec ISO 4000
Click here to view larger

Now this one I lined then up a little better, used a small bottle cap which I placed in the center and then added the pencils, but as I added one, one of the others would move and it was time consuming, and I probably should have spent more time to line them up even better, but patience has never been my strong point.

1 1 bored at home series Pencils5.jpg

SSony A7iii 90mm F4.5 1/60 Sec ISO 640
Click here to view larger

I would really appreciate honest feedback on these photos, it was fun doing them and I plan to do do a few more, I have some ideas and will see how they go but its fun to have this little project to work on.

And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.

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Thanks kindly your support is appreciated

Have a great day


That play of colors and composition was great for me, interesting reading to read to the end.

I must invent something too.

Thanks I need to do something to get my brain into gear and ignore the fact I cant go out walking, Have lots of other ideas to try :)

Bang, even on HIVE I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Sorry, no beers or deranged or trdo yet... waiting on steem-engine to make the move to HIVE...
Week 3 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks kindly your support is appreciated

Have a great day

Time on your hands....:-)

I think the shot of seven actually looks good as the focal point is off center, it actually add something to the photo!!

Thanks for your feedback, nice ot know what people think :)

Well at least you found something constructive to do that looks pretty cool actually 👍

Thanks it was fun and I have other projects and ideas for photoshoots in mind ;)

Excellent looking forward to seeing them 👍


Have a good weekend

And you to 👍


The first is what I like best. Interesting concept with a lot of applications. I honestly think you've got something going here.

Thanks for your feedback, and yes I do have a few plans in my head lets see how they go ;)

I think they turned out really well. My wife has been doing a lot of coloring right now, so I can relate to the colored pencils! Nice job! Better to stay home and keep safe!

Thanks, yes I would prefer walking about with my camera, but doing shots like these will help me keep my sanity or what is left of it lOL

I think they turned out great.

Thanks :) was fun to do something different

Hahaha... bored at home! My work life st home is starting to be busy!
The like how the background you used for these photos sparkle with the same colors as the pencils. I thought that that was amazing! I suppose you planned it, right? Is your wife an artist too? I have mostly gel pens around the house.
Have a fruitful day, my friend @tattoodjay, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

At times at the moment i wish I wasn't retired then I would be busy, but I don't really regret retiring and looking forward when things settle down and I cvan get seriously into retirement

Chheers !tip

You have your entire remaining lifetime for retirement so do not be in a hurry, LOL! Just ease into it slowly, 😂

Ohh yeah no rush indeed thats one of the perks of retirement lOL

Because the center of the pencils is also not centered it looks not wrong in my eyes :)
Nice idea, nice title - I'm curious to see what ideas your boredom comes up with next. That background or underground is nice too and makes a cool bokeh with your macro lens.


I know my wife likes things perfectly lined up, I personally prefer some randomness to things, or perhaps that's an excuse I make up instead of saying I am too lazy to line them up LOL
yeah I was so happy with how that Bokeh came out far better than I expected

my little clamp thingies arrived today now I just need the ain't o stop so I can go out and try to find some dandelions or small flowers/weeds

When I was a boy, I always pulled my socks up the same way and used a pen to measure whether they were the same height, but this has changed when I grew older and now I don't care much about the height of the socks anymore ;)
But some things still need to be lined up correctly for me - not everything though, and sometimes I mess things up on purpose, because I think it looks better ... maybe I'm just kind of normal ;)

I just said before that we have rainy days, so I hope the rain stops for you, because I want to see how your dandelions look like 🙂

WOW you were very particular with your socks, I was never that organized or tidy far the opposite, to be honest and maybe that comes across sin y photos like these lOL

Have a good weekend

Yes, I have been a weird child - that is long gone but not forgotten ;)
Have a good weekend too - hopefully the weather gets better that you can collect some dandelions or flowers.

Well your kind of weird is a good one for most parents and teachers etc I am sure unlike my weird ways LOL

Stay safe and Healthy

That's certainly true - you have told me some of your stories and I do not even want to know the stories you cannot tell in the public ;) lol

LOL some stories are best never told :)

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Pollen allergy is terrible dear friend @tattoodjay, I have a friend who has a very bad time when spring comes.
Your photography section looks great on you, you are very creative. Excellent.

Ohh yeah especially with havign lung issues if it get sot me I end up bad, so playing it very safe this year

Thanks I had fun with that shoot ;)

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Hey there, here @lizanomadsoul from HiveBuzz team 🙂

Great job @tattoodjay! Thats a nice achievment! You have my full respect!👍

Thansk Kindly

Have a good weekend

you too! ☀️


I can SMELL these yummy pencils and your image is soooooo crisp and inviting that I suddenly want to draw!! These are image bank worthy, for sure.

Speaking of which, will you be running the #HIVE image bank when I can use generic photos for my biz blog or website by sending #hive? I'm tired of pixabay et al.

Food for thought. So many great photographers! I'm happy to give you lists of the things I need to convey regularly with images.

Thanks thats such a cool comment

and as for the Hive Image Bank, I am not aware of it, but would be willing to check it out and contribute to it I think

Have a good weekend

haha... no, I meant YOU might be able to start it! 😂😆😂

LOL Ohh OK, well I am sure some coding and server hosting capabilities would be needed so that rules me out

I'm sure finding the coder is-will-be easy - dozens of them running about. Maybe you could just be in charge of selecting images? 😆