Let's Check What's Inside My Bag... :)

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Hey friends... It's day 9 of the challenge and it'll be about what's inside your bag or wallet.

Well, my wallet is boring because there's almost nothing inside, so I'm going to show you my bag.

I have done this challenge around 2 years ago. If I'm not mistaken, it was @ramengirl who initiated it and I was nominated by my dear @fukako.

Anyway, as you know I rarely go out especially now that we're literally not allowed to step out the house due to the pandemic. So, I'll just show you what I put inside my bag whenever I feel like going out.


Unlike most girls, I don't like shoulder bags and handbags. I don't know how to carry them. lol I'm more into backpacks and sling bags.

This is my favorite sling bag... It's Shingeki no Kyojin and I usually put something outside of it like Kuroko no Basuke pin, some keychains I got from my bestie (baseball) and my grandma (strawberry).

It's been years since I had this bag, so it's a bit wornout. Sorry for that... Now, let's take a look at what's inside. :)


I usually bring wet wipes, especially menthol ones to wipe my face or arms and hands. It's so hot outside, so this helps me cool down. I also have the One Piece wallet my son/younger cousin gave me together with the Bakugo keychain. I also have the container for my glasses. And of course, an organizer... but it functions differently. lol It's mostly for scribbles. Like these below...



Those are random scribbles from when I was so crazy about the poets during Japan's Heian period. I love poetry, so it's pretty inspiring for me. And also, I draw random stuff when I'm bored. hahahaha... xD


Depending on where and how long I'd be outside, I also bring my earphones and powerbank. However, when I just go to the nearby supermarket/grocery shop I only bring my wallet and phone with me. No bags at all. xD


When I was working in the English Academy, I used to have a makeup kit with me, but now, I settle for some powder and lip balm. I feel so lazy to put on makeup, unless it's for a cosplay event or convention. haha I also bring some medicine especially for my asthma and allergies. Aside from those stuff, I also bring either alcohol or hand sanitizer. ☺


And since I bring a notebook with me, I also bring my Frixion pen and mechanical pencil! Yaaay! I remember in the past, I and my bestie went to an all you can eat restaurant... we were so full but had to finish everything, so we relaxed for a bit and just drew random stuff. I was using a different noebook that time. hahaha Pretty useful to kill boredom. xD


And depending on the destination, I also bring this so I can play games comfortably on my phone. It's pretty useful.

However, when my family and I go to my aunt's place for example, I often bring a backpack and put my laptop inside. :) And also a bigger sketchpad so I can draw.

Instead of cosmetics or kikay kit as they call it, I bring art materials. lol Ohh.. I also bring a tumbler of water with me most of the time. My tumbler now is big, so it won't fit this bag, so I couldn't show it.

Anyway, that's it for my Day 9... I hope you enjoyed it! See you tomorrow for Day 10. ☺

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I have an SNK backpack. I think I bought it 4 or 5 years ago. It's durable and wants to retire already. But I keep on reviving him. Hahahaha. And, I love your OP wallet. 💖💖💖💖

Waaaah.. I guess my SnK bag is of similar age as yours. My backpack is One Piece, Trafalgar Law in particular... :)

My younger cousin gave it to me last Christmas. His mom was hesitant because she thought it was too childish for me, but my cousin knows me well so he insisted. hehe

Ahh wait, mali yung nasabi ko. Hahaha. I was thinking of OP pero natype ko pala SNK. My backpack is the same as yours.

OMG! Twinning... hahaha ☺

It's cool that you have a first-aid medical ziplock in there, that's a great idea. Very practical 👍

Since I'm allergic, I usually bring it especially if I plan to eat out. It's difficult to find a pharmacy sometimes. haha

I see..that explains why. My college best friend and sister are both allergic to seafood so they always have antihistamine just in case. It's always better to have it.

Wow. This is an interesting bag.
A "Drawer" bag. I like the challenge a lot and I like the way you approach to the other people.
See you tomorrow

Haha... thanks. :)
It's interesting to read the post of those who joined the challenge. Although, I'm sometimes late to open my account, so the posts pile up. haha

I don't know why but that wasn't what I expected. LOL interesting and eclectic :)

For real? what were you expecting to see then? hahaha

lol I don't know but not that. Love the fact you have your drawings in there and of course gadgets :) we need them lol

I want an aot backpack before but didn't buy because it's pricey. I guess most otakus have the aot bag on their wishlist! 😂

Yes!! it's really pricey... but very tempting.. hahaha