An African art painting of a fulani women tribe in nigeria

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Hello Hivers hope we are all doing fine as I was on my way to a friend place I discovered this pice of art with a very detailed story line of a tribe in Nigeria called the fulani.from the northern part of Nigeria they were known as the cattle rearing tribe and they have their own language and mostly rear animals goat 🐐 cow 🐮 ram 🐏 and they specialize in production of cheese and milk 🌌 their ladies always dress in this attire in the picture with their cheese and milk calabash on there head IMG_20200623_134458_2.jpg

they have beautiful ladies and style they leave at the out sketch of a town or villages because of the nature of their work and their animals I have some pictures that can explain a little about them I love fulani trybeIMG_20200623_134458_2.jpgIMG_20200623_134448_2.jpg

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