It's another market Friday

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Hello Hivers how are you doing today I was very busy today so I could not come online on time but am finally here. it was a stressful day tho but I actually achieved my purpose at the fabrics hub IMG_20200625_152717.jpgIMG_20200625_153511.jpg



I went there to get some materials for a program coming up next month the hub was so big and full of different fabrics and silk, cotton IMG_20200625_153537.jpg

and many more, there are lot of people in there doing there buying but I eventually get my own !thanks for this wonderful initiative @dswigleIMG_20200625_153932.jpg


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Hi @tobywalter! Sorry, you didn't get to put this part in your original post, I like going to the fabric markets there. You still don't say where you are from, but, maybe next time. If you want to add to your post so it is part of another piece, you can always edit your other post so that it stays all together.

But, no harm done. What is the project you are shopping for? Did you select a fabric?

Thank you again and, as always, have a great day!

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Tell us a little bit about the market, what brought you here?
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U are welcome

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