BeautifulSunday-Pleasant surprise.

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This is my entry for #BeautifulSunday organized by @ace108 and for #SublimeSunday by @c0ff33a.

This weekend was incredible, after 3 weeks that I moved from town my son and his family visited me, it was a great surprise, it was a weekend where we could enjoy different weather.


Very early in the morning this new friend The Blue Macaw visited me to find something to eat, it was a quick visit, enough time to take several shots, giving me a good pose for a good shot very closely.


In the middle of the morning I received the visit of my son and family, we enjoyed a delicious meal, a moment that we took the opportunity to talk about different topics and catch up on everything that happened in these weeks.


I live in a mountainous area that you can see the Metro Cable cabins, the weather is rainy and it is very pleasant to see from the balcony how pleasant this climate is.


At the end of the day we went out to enjoy thanking because it had stopped raining.


And back, after a snack, diving in and immersing yourself in technology is also a way to share with this youth.




I am @truelovemon, Mileidy. Lover of nature and everything that inhabits it. Passionate about photography, not only a click is enoughj, it is to see beyond your eyes, it is to fill you with the hidden beauty in the simple.


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I am not sure which visit you more look forward to: the macaw or your family.
I guess you'll like both.

oh my god @ace208 you have realized how much I love these birds, they are beautiful and they perceive my feeling towards them, I look forward to them every day, I talk to them and they are pleased to hear me as they shake their heads with enthusiasm when they I speak.

hello dear friend @truelovemom good day
What a pleasant visit this bird gave you, how beautiful, I love its bright colors, the family looks very relaxed. Congratulations
Have a wonderful week

They are wonderful birds and socializing with them outside the cage is a great thing, right now I wait for them at the window, although it may be that The Guacamayas is absent today, since the day is rainy.

If it is raining it is better that you do not wait, it is very rare to see them fly during the rain, without a doubt they are very sociable and they get used to you they will settle in your window.
have happy dreams

@jlufer mentions you in an activity that #powerhousecreatives is doing in case you are interested in participating, I hope to read you out there too.

How are you dear friend @truelovemom I appreciate with all my heart that you have invited me, I made an introduction, it is a wonderful challenge, I like it very much
have a wonderful afternoon