Girl means to endure all the sorrows silently


Girl means to endure all the sorrows silently


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Assalamu Alaikum, I hope everyone is well. I'm fine too.

A girl has to endure a lot of hardships before or after marriage even if she doesn't want to adapt to many things. I am sharing the story of such a girl with you.

A girl's name was Sonali. He lived with his mother since childhood. Her father left her and her mother and married somewhere else. At one point his father divorced his mother. Sonali and her mother come to her grandfather's house. There he had three uncles and aunts, grandparents and 3 uncles. There he grows up with great difficulty. His mother works in someone else's house and raises him slowly. Sonali's mother did not take any help from Sonali's grandparents or uncle. Sonali's mother did not get married later and spent her whole life with her daughter.

After passing Sonali Five, when she was in sixth grade, her son's party came to her house and proposed marriage. Sonali is so young she doesn't understand much about these things. He says that he will not get married but the people around him or his uncles also say that when a good pot comes, marry Sonali. He doesn't even have a father, so when a good pot is found, it would be wise to tie the knot. But they think that Sonali is much younger now
So I don't understand what marriage is or what family is. Anyway the marriage is finalized.

Sonali is given in marriage and she also goes to her father-in-law's house. Sonali's husband is 10 years older than Sonali. Sonali gets scared when she sees it properly. She can't do any cooking or household chores. I don't understand the meaning of family, how will family do. However Sonali adapts to everything and tries to learn everything. However, Sonali's mother-in-law sometimes tells her a lot about not working, so you didn't learn anything at her father's house. But they have chosen her as their wife at home. But they knew that he would not be able to make a small family and work properly. He would have to be taught everything. But this is the fault of our society. No matter how much girls try to learn, they have to listen to girls. Blame it on protesting. However, it continues like this.

Not a word was said about her. Sonali's husband can't earn much. In a word, he is unemployed. Sonali has to live with a lot of hardships. Sonalika has to listen to her mother-in-law a lot because her husband is not working. Sonali's husband is their only son but Sonali is listening. After marriage, if the boys do something wrong or do something wrong, the blame falls on his wife. However, the same thing happened with Sonali. I don't give him good clothes and I always listen to him to eat. Yet Sonali quietly endures everything because she will go where her father is not and her mother somehow manages to get her own food. Also, if she moves to her father's house, the people of the society will tell her that the girl could not get married because she was not well. But people in the community wonder if the girl is happy or if she is in trouble. The people of this society are infamous in the name of girls as soon as they drink lime. However, this is how Sonali's family continues.

Thus, in a few years, Sonali became the mother of a daughter. When the daughter starts growing up, Sonali's husband starts earning and then happiness slowly returns to her forehead. Thus, less than two years later, Sonali became the mother of another boy. Then her husband doesn't say anything to her anymore. Her mother-in-law also looks at her well because her husband takes the helm of the family when he earns income. Now the golden husband-child mother-in-law is very happy with everyone.

Suddenly one day Sonali's father comes back to his mother and Sonali's father apologizes to his mother that he has made a big mistake so that he can accept her again. Sonali's father has gone to live with that little one and now he wants to see his daughter. Sonali's father is very happy to see his daughter and he is most happy to see his grandson and granddaughter. Sonali's mother also accepts everything. The second wife of Sonali's father left with another man so Sonali's father came back to Sonali's mother and he realized his mistake and how much he had done wrong to Sonali's mother. Now Sonali's mother is very happy and she is very happy with her husband, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Sonali used to worry about her mother. Sonali is now happily at peace from all sides.
I ended the story here. You must tell the story.

I wish you all the best. Thank you all very much.

God bless you.