Nature is the beautiful gift "tree" given to mankind.

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Hello friends

I hope you are all fine. I am fine here too. Thus nature has created a lot of beautiful things. One of which is the tree. Without trees we can't think of the possibility of the earth. Because trees have an important role to play in nourishing the earth. Which we know well. Trees balance the earth's atmosphere. Due to which every human and animal living on earth can live their own life. In this post I have shared beautiful photos of trees which photos are from different angles. And it grows differently in different environments. I have also captured various first s of nature in the photos. These include mountains, blue skies, and snow-covered lands. I hope you like these photos.

All these photos I took during my visit to Kedarkantha trek. The beauty of this trek is very clear during winter. This is how our team prefers winter time every time. The mountainous areas are clear during the winter. Which is the experience of seeing real. The view of the Mighty Himalayas from the summit of Kedarkantha is an unforgettable memory. The estimated height of this trek is 12800 feet which is approximately 3830 meters. There is only about 20 km to walk in this track but it is in the form of climbing. Which is the main challange of this trek. I really enjoyed the time I spent during the Kedarkantha trek. I have shared a few photos of her beauty with you in this post.

IMG_2557 11.jpg

The first photo shows the trunk of a tree. Which stands firmly in a bed of ice. The sunlight comes from the rear side which casts its shadow on the ice. The trees growing on the mountains in the background make this photo very beautiful. The sparks of small plants in the side of the trunk lie out in the snow which looks beautiful. This photo is full of the beauty of nature.

IMG_2511 22.jpg

I remember taking these photos at the beginning of the trek. In which I have imprisoned the branch of the tree and its sub-branch. Even though there is not a single leaf on this tree, it looks very beautiful. Beautiful Mountain can be seen in its background. Which enhances the beauty of this tree and the photos.

IMG_2544 33.jpg

This photo captures the pine trees. The pine trees look small in this photo but they are very tall. On the way back here you can see the main pine trees. It has a conical shape and a height of 10 to 12 meters. The layers of the mountains behind those trees look so beautiful.

IMG_2577 44.jpg

The ground is covered with white snow. Colorful tents can be seen in the distance. Where there is a little flat ground. And this trek camp is also ahead there. I also had to spend the night here. The temperature stays very low here during the night. Therefore it is necessary to have thermals and jackets during the night stay here.

IMG_2554 55.jpg

These photos are taken while passing through the trees. In these photos it looks like the bar came from a sheet of snow. There are deep valleys behind the trees. And then the layers of the beautiful mountains can be seen. God has given this place the beauty of nature.

IMG_2510 66.jpg

In these photos also the branches of beautiful trees can be seen. In the back of the tree lies a beautiful mountain. Trees are the main organ for sustaining the earth and purifying the atmosphere. Which you have to look after. Everyone should grow a tree. It should also be groomed. I believe so.

These photographs are taken from Canon EOS REBEL T5 F/5.6 Focal length 25mm to 55mm.

Kedarkantha Based in Western Garhwal in the Uttarakashi district which is located in the India state of Uttarakhand.
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Wow, these pictures are really great.

Trees are important for life as well as for beautyfull both. Great work, greetings from Argentina.

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Really beautiful pictures. Looks even more fascinating when seen through the naked eye I guess. Are you from uttarakhand?

Gorgeous photography out in wilderness, the old tree stump looks like it must have been a massive tree taking up the space. Possible new life from the roots of the very tree itself finding its way to the ground to continue life once again.


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