Photos showing beautiful layers of mountains with fog.

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Hello friends.

I hope you are all fine. I am fine here too. In today's post I have just sahre the beautiful fog with the layers of mountains through photos. I have captured these beautiful mountains during the Kedarkantha trek. Kedarkantha is the hardest trek I have done so far. Because there was continuous uphill during this trek. Not even on a straight road or staircase. But there was a place to walk in the snow up to the knee. Which is a really tough climb.

IMG_2667 11.jpg

Here I have only captured the mountains. One by one the layers of mountains can be easily seen in this photo. I have presented the beauty of these mountains to you through photos. It is more enjoyable to see the beauty of nature in this photo than to see it in real. The experience of this atmosphere is something different and wonderful. Which can be felt during his actual visit.

IMG_2668 22.jpg

In these photos are captured layers of beautiful mountains. But at the same time I have also captured the pine tree. Pine trees are conical and tall. It is mainly found in mountainous areas. Some trees are 12 to 15 meters high. Despite being so high, it separates like a dot on the levels of the mountains. Which is the main beauty of this photo. I hope you like this photo.

IMG_2671 33.jpg

The green sheet of trees is spread across the mountain. The mountains look green because of the trees. The layers of the mountain in the background look white because of the fog. This is the time of the sun due to which the sunlight is also less. Which makes this photo beautiful.

IMG_2619 44.jpg

The green mountains from the trees give coolness to the eyes. Which I have presented to you through photos here. There is less fog in these photos. And there is only enough sunlight so that the greenery on the mountains can be easily seen. Which looks beautiful.

IMG_2669 55.jpg

If you look at these photos, you will see a bird. Who is enjoying the beauty between the mountains here. Captured in the photo while passing through the mountains. The layers of the mountains are easily visible in this photo which enhances the beauty of this photo. Light fog makes these mountains more beautiful.

This trek was very different from the other treks and those who are trekking for the first time have to undergo all the procedures like physical test. You also need to get a fitness certificate from a doctor. Exercise and walking have to be done as per the instructions from 2 months before going on the trek. All of these suggestions have to be followed carefully. The trek operator also has a few rules such as the trekker should be able to walk 5 to 6 km in 1 hour without any stress. The trekker must be able to carry its own bag of at least 8 kg. Climber should not suffer from heart disease, blood pressure and asthma.

The Kedarkantha trek was of 6 days which included 6 days and 5 nights. The trek started from Dehradun City. So we made the necessary booking from home to Dehradun at our own expense. I also gathered a lot of information online about this trek. What could be the problem during this trek? What are the sights in this trek? Etc. The information was very useful to me during the trek. We mainly do all the treks in the month of January and we did this trek in January too. January is the coldest season in India. The pleasure of this trek in the cold is something different.

Adding to the beauty of the Kedarkantha Trek are the pine trees at the top. The beauty of those trees is doubled in the winter snow. Which is the center of attraction of this trek. The view of the Mighty Himalayas from the summit of Kedarkantha is an unforgettable memory. The estimated height of this trek is 12800 feet which is approximately 3830 meters. There is only about 20 km to walk in this track but it is in the form of climbing. Which is makes this trek very difficult. This trek is ideal not only for climbers but also for nature lovers. There are many beautiful places to see here such as Himalayas, greenery, lush landscapes, frozen lakes, amazing peaks. I hope all this is enough to enjoy this trek.

Kedarkantha Based in Western Garhwal in the Uttarakashi district which is located in the India state of Uttarakhand.
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