Hive interfaces should have Categories. What are the things you like to read on Hive?

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There are many communities on Hive that people are using well to share different things. Some communities are open to any kind publications while some based theirs in Niche. An example is the Gitplait community, which is based on technologies. I got to know about the Deep Dives community by @ausbitbank and a couple of others awesome guys some days ago and I love what is happening in the community.

New people are joining the Hive blockchain daily, and most of them used to have some questions to understand how to use Hive. blog, peakd or other front-ends. Personally, I am still helping some of my invitees to do some manual work when they want to publish a post. So, I think we still have some work to do to ensure people can join and start without the need of peoples help as I believe it would help populate this chain the more.

Everyone has topics of interest, either new or existing user. The existing users would know the right place to see the kind of publications they love to read, but this would be different for someone new on the chain. Most of what new users will see are the post on the trending page, which some of them may not be what they want to see.



The function to explore the communities solved parts of this challenge, but there was more to do. The explore community page shows the first 100 communities, but the rest are behind and the user must know the name of the community to find them. So, we need to do more.

I think of functionality where users can choose the categories they want, and we should build communities in it. So, if I choose to be seeing feeds about technology, I will see contents from communities that are created in the technology category. This is just some thoughts I think would make and other front-ends to look more organized. We all know that not all posts in the Trending page worth to be there and we need to make Hive looks better for new and existing users.

What are the things you like to read on Hive?


Do you think a feature like this would make the interfaces on Hive to be well arranged, or there will be need to do more? These are questions I would be glad to see get responses on. Hive is our home and let’s make it home for the existing, new and future users.

Thank you!

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