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RE: CURATION ON HIVE - What is it and how to do it? (+ How I curate)

in GEMS3 months ago

Very nice and detailed article ! I am doing the same with our community account @hodlcommunity and then upvote the post later than everyone with my own. I just need to have/lease more HP.


I know the problem with HP. I was thinkin to lease it but I find a bit confusing so I decided to postpone it.

I got some Hive on exchange but want to trade it to get more Hive. Still, I am lately thinking to power it up and end my trading career xD

If you need help with dlease you can ask me.
My 29k HP is from leases :p

I'll let u know if I decide to do it. I got some liquid Hive on exchange and I will probably power it up. Will see.

Thanks for your help!

Its just important that you can earn more with lease than what you pay, if you ask me.
Otherwise its better to powerup