CURATION ON HIVE - What is it and how to do it? (+ How I curate)

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Hello Hive community and everyone outside of Hive blockchain who might stumble upon this post.

I am here to tell you about one of the most important tools on Hive blockchain - Curation.

For those who are not familiar with this term; Curation is simply tipping (upvoting) someone with your stake (amount of Hive Power in your wallet).


Curation = Tipping/Finding content
Upvoting = Tipping/Liking content
Hive Power = Determines how valuable your upvote is (more HP, bigger upvote)
Curation rewards = Rewards from upvoting content

It is simple to do it but if you don't know about the details of how it works, you will surely lose on your curation rewards.

So, let me set an example:

Person A creates a post on Hive blockchain. Person B and Person C upvotes (tips) it.

The first thing we need to know is how content creators are rewarded.

When you create a post, for the next 7 days community can decide how much it's worth. That means that people can upvote your content but also, they can downvote it for various reasons.

After 7 days, you get rewards for your content. But, content creator gets 50% of total rewards while other 50% goes to content curators (people who upvoted/liked the content).

This might seem odd for people outside of Hive blockchain, but this is a system where you are rewarded for creating content but also for finding it. It is a system where you are incentivized to engage with other members of the community to create a better and more friendly eco-system.

I know most of people are used to get rewards only for themselves, but growing together through engagement and support yields much better and greater results, especially in a long-term period.


Getting back to our example.

The post is created by Person A, upvoted by Person B and C, 7 days have passed, and post earned 10$.

That means that content creator will get 5$ and other 5$ will be shared among content curators.

But, not every content curator will get the same amount of $. This means that Person B will not get the same amount as Person C. So, how it works?

3 ways to get more curation rewards is to have more Hive Power, curate content on no less than 5th minute, or curate before others.

If Person B have more Hive Power than Person C, it will most probably get more curation rewards because its upvote brings more value to that content.

Also, if Person B upvotes the content on 5th minute, it will not lose on curation rewards. But, curating before 5th minute will land a curation penalty. So, upvoting on 1st minute is not worth at all.

And last but not least, if Person B curates content before Person C, it will get extra curation rewards because it is seen as Person A found the content that might be valuable to community and got it more visible with his/her upvote.

This is a great way to incentivize people to find great content first and make it more visible for others. It also incentivize you to find valuable content, not some low effort content that will not be upvoted later.

Also, you need to know!

Every 100% value upvote removes 2% of your upvoting mana. So, every day you have 10 upvotes of 100% value. Of course, that doesn't mean you have only 10 upvotes per day because you can set how much your upvote will have % of value.

We know that every coin has two sides and ''curation coin'' is no different.

On Hive Blockchain, you can manually curate but also, you can set auto-upvotes.

Manual curation is a holy grail. It is seen as way superior tool than auto-voting. Manual curation brings real genuine engagement and sense of affiliation to community. It is also time consuming but overall results are much better than auto-voting results.

With manual curation, you will get very nice curation rewards, you will be in a position to curate more great posts on 5th minute and also curate before others.


But, the real value of manual curation lies in engagement. It is a foundation of every great social platform, especially on Hive. Also, you can find more great content and enjoy the diversity of Hive community but also find those witness posts that will get you more educated on how Hive works and how we can make it better.

On the other hand..

You can set auto-voting on authors you like or ones that will get you more rewards. This is a good thing if you don't have time to manually curate but BIG downside of auto-voting is that it lacks engagement and it can be seen as a greedy move, especially when it's set to vote on 4th minute (in some cases 3rd minute, just to curate before others no matter how big are curation penalties).

So, it is up to you to do what you want and how you can. You can go fully manual curation, full auto-voting, or you can go both ways at the same time.

Just enjoy it and don't stop upvoting :))


In the past, I've curated for a couple of big comminities but after it ended in some weird ways, I decided to auto-upvote for some time. Since, it doesn't bring much value to our community I stopped to do it as soon as I was able.

Now, I am in full manual curation mode and I must say I really enjoy it for all the benefits it brings to me. I am getting great curation rewards but most importantly, I am engaged in the community and following what's going on with development on Hive.

Spacely sniping good posts :)

I use my alt-account @loveprevails to vote on the content and after 1 minute, my main account follows with 80% of value of my alt-account.

The reason I do this is to incentivize others (who don't have time to curate) to follow my alt-account curation trail and get more rewards since my main account will vote after 1 minute with much bigger stake (remember: voting before others).

I already have a few accounts on curation trail and according to stats, they're doing really great.

I am daily sharing great posts on Twitter to get more visibility and potential rewards.

Also, every couple of days, I am searching through my curation history trying to find very good/great content that was missed by other curators.

After I find what I need, I create a post to highlight these contents in a hope to get them more rewards.

Just don't get me wrong, I am not doing this to get more curation rewards. Au contraire! I am doing this so that content creators that created very good content don't feel demotivated because they were somehow missed by bigger curators.


Check out the latest post of my NO GREAT POST LEFT BEHIND curation initiative.

BTW, I only set auto-upvotes on a few communities to help them grow and show them my appreciation. Those communities are @curangel for their great curation work and @vimm for always staying true to their Hive community and developing slowly but greatly.


If you want to follow my curation trail, feel free to. I am manually curating almost throughout the whole day. Yesterday, I set my own record of 16% Curation APR and 150% Efficiency. You can check it on my Twitter profile.

If you have small amount of Hive Power, the best to do is to follow my alt-account trail @loveprevails, but if you got a lot Hive Power and want to support my work, you can follow my main account trail

This all being said, I hope you will choose to curate manually. I don't expect everyone to go 100% manual curation mode but if you can invest a bit of your daily time in manual curation, the whole community will appreciate it.

I know I have been vocal against auto-voters but that doesn't mean those people suck, it is their curation that does. :))

Thanks for reading!

Peace yo,

Mr. Spacely


You can easily find me on Discord (Mr. Spacely #7598). If you like my content, you can also support me here:

TWITCH: https://www./mrspacelygaming

NFT SHOWROOM (Art Gallery):


Disiz not a chjoke!


Does your alt-account vote after 4 or 5 mins?
But also, I have followed your alt-account, not sure if it will fuck up your curation rewards. Just let me know and I will change it to vote after you :D

Yap, I always vote with my alt around 5th min or later.

You can do what you want. If you want more rewards, then follow my alt. If you want to support what I do, you can follow my main.

Whatever you choose, I appreciate it.

Hopefully you will also get more curation rewards out of this :D

Hopefully, but most important thing is to support our great content creators.

Thanks a lot man!

Well, I add around 30k more HP to your power :p
So that would be great support :p

More than great, bro! Thanks a lot, I appreciate that very much!

You are welcome bro!
I trust you to curation amazing content-creators! :D

A very useful post, thank you. I admit to doing a combination of auto voting and manual creation - not enough hours in the day...

That said -

I am doing this so that content creators that created very good content don't feel demotivated because they were somehow missed by bigger curators.

This is so important. Thank you. The @curangel team do excellent work. I will check out @vimm - don't know it.

Thanks again and happy Monday!

I'm glad you liked it! Hope it helps with your curation.

Curangel is excellent! Vimm is a streaming platform but I love them because they're doing great job. Been there since the beginnings so I witnessed the development.

Happy Monday!

Congrats on the new curation record!

So why is there a 5 minute penalty. And wasn't it a 30 minute gradual thing, with 15 minutes being the sweet spot. Or something like that.

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Thanks man. Gonna try to set a new one! :))

30 and 15 min were before, some 2 or 3 forks before, or maybe more. Now, you will not get penalized when upvoting after 5 minute.

Everything less than 5mins is penalized. As far as I know.

Thanks for clearing that up!

Some things I'm just a couple of forks behind I guess 😂

Good luck with the new record 💪

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Np, glad to help!

Haha, now you can set your own records knowing how it works :))

Have fun and thank you!

Sure. So for the APR and Efficiency, how do I measure that. Through a dapp or manually? If so, is there a post written about how to measure it?

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Glad you asked, I totally forgot to link it.



Thank you!!

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btw, never go below 80% :)


  • Could you please explain what a curation trail is and how to follow your curation trail?
  • Also, what amount of HP do you consider low HP vs high HP?

Curation trail means if you follow my account, whenever I upvote someone with that account, you will upvote it also.

I'm gonna copy-paste what I already answered on a crosspost:

I believe what I wanted to say is if you have little HP (less than 10k, since my main account have 10k) then it would be better to follow my alt account that curates first to get more rewards since I will curate with my main account after 1 minute.

But, if you also want to support my main account and what I do, you can follow my main instead of my alt account.

It's all up to you to decide if you want to do it. I will appreciate whatever someone chooses. My goal is to curate good content. :)

Finally I understood some little things about it, thanks a lot.

My pleasure man. I hope it will help!

Peace yo.

Yes man,now I understand how to curate in a good way.

well written and so important for all new Hivians

Here is a !BEER for you

Thanks man, hopefully more minnows and others who are not familiar with how curation works will see it.

Cheers beers

Very nice and detailed article ! I am doing the same with our community account @hodlcommunity and then upvote the post later than everyone with my own. I just need to have/lease more HP.

I know the problem with HP. I was thinkin to lease it but I find a bit confusing so I decided to postpone it.

I got some Hive on exchange but want to trade it to get more Hive. Still, I am lately thinking to power it up and end my trading career xD

If you need help with dlease you can ask me.
My 29k HP is from leases :p

I'll let u know if I decide to do it. I got some liquid Hive on exchange and I will probably power it up. Will see.

Thanks for your help!

Its just important that you can earn more with lease than what you pay, if you ask me.
Otherwise its better to powerup

Very well explained. I try to make my votes 30 % each, so I can upvote around 30 posts a day

Thanks man, hope it helped!

I am keeping my votes from 15 to 35%, just to make a difference between great post and a good one.

Hive on!

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