What Does Hive Mean To Me? HIVE IS ALIVE - With MUSIC - By WishMaiden!

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The #HiveImpact - It Means #HiveIsAlive Because of YOU!

My name is Ellie, I'm from the Sunshine Coast -Australia.

I`m very passionate about a lot of things in life, and find myself often optimistically reaching for the stars, because I just know that there's more to all 'THIS' than meets the eye, and I'm always keeping my eyes and ears open for opportunity and experience.


#HIVE is the PERFECT place to be!

All over the internet are amazing things, but NOTHING compares to the rewards of blogging and EARNING!

My Saying is #DontBeAFacebookSLave!

The community of people are incredible and the potential seems to always be greater every time a new idea is born and brought to life here, with endless support and encouragement of amazing networks - it's what makes HIVE so awesome, the fun never seems to end!

I`m a dedicated Crypto Enthusiast, Ambitious Networker and Entrepreneur, Musician, Event Planner, Peace Advocate and #Mother to my two darling children.

I've been singing since I can remember and playing guitar for about 6 or 7 years, which has really helped to really bring my creativity together, and produce and all kinds of content, connect with the community and host some cool events and contests, as I nurture my love for #music and put myself out there with the tunes I write, perform and share.

I thought I had made some really groundbreaking achievements on social media, but that was before I found myself stumbling across this place. It was the time and place to take everything I knew about networking, blogging, internet opportunities, content creation, limits such as censorship, the value of quality posts, reputation and community, then ADVANCE straight to GO, Collect Earned Crypto and begin making your dreams a reality.

Hive is a platform with the ability to expand in any direction, imaginations run wild! It's overrun by a BUNCH of like minded opportunists and outside the box thinkers and doers. It's a place of interesting stories, intense talent, art and clever smarties that by no coincidence share the vital common interest of SOCIAL MEDIA and #CryptoCurrency! It's a perfect match, intertwined with the use of blockchain technology, which will continue to grow and change the future beyond our wildest dreams - with PLENTY of front seats.

I have MANY interests, and a lot of drive that has me reaching for the moon often... Creativity seems to flow so freely here, dreams become more possible within the framework of interconnected #blockchain development and interaction of the community.

But I must admit, some of the very best impact that my content has had - was MUSIC. And so it's become a main way for me to connect with others, and share what I truly love and am good at.

I like all kinds of music, and enjoy performing pretty much anything I can sing!

The stage calls me!

Thanks to the whole lot of YOU, for supporting my content, and being so wonderful, encouraging and interacting with my work.
It's because of ALL OF YOU, this place is so DAMN UNBELIEVABLY SUCCESSFUL!

Here's to all of the Bee's, the colony, THE HIVE!


A few of my songs to check out on Dtube:

Original Song: "Opening Doors" (Live)

More about WishMaiden:

Crypto Enthusiast, Ambitious Networker and Entrepreneur, Musician, Event Planner, Peace Advocate and Mother.


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#Hive ON!



Very nice post, like it a lot

Post creation + effort doesn't go a stray around here! HaHa.
Thanks for the positive feedback, much appreciated!

you're welcome, that's what Hive is for

Today is my first look at Hive. I guess same but different. A little like the world today. Thanks for sharing your music. We need as much of this at we can at the moment.

I'm so pleased to know it's spreading some positive vibrations! Thanks for connecting, it's a wonderful community, sharing, appreciating and supporting each other - being good to each other - utilizing positive potential as human beings.
It's what #FlowerPower was all about hey! Haha

Pleased to see you in hive

Gotta keep up with the times...