Tips and Tricks Growing Spinach With Hydroponics System

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Lately, the weather in the area where I live is very hot, signaling the dry season has arrived. The wind that blows feels very warm and makes some of the plants that I have in the yard a lot of the fall. As usual, when the dry season comes, I have to give the intake water for my plant in the morning or the afternoon.

However, today we do not discuss about dry season, but tell a story about spinach vegetables with hydroponics.

As we know, spinach is one of the vegetables that have the nutrients that are perfect for meet the needs of vitamins, minerals and substances good for the body.
The taste of spinach is a delicious make spinach to be one of the favorite vegetable for family, especially for children and seniors.
But in market, spinach has a high enough price of other vegetables.
The reason is, because spinach is very hard for sowing. Have a trick that specialized in preserving vegetables to be consumed.

Basically, this plant is suitable sowing time of late autumn, because spinach is like the cold weather.

The following tricks in the sow and nurture spinach with hydroponics system:

  • Seeds
    Make sure if choose seeds it is advisable that has a certificate. This is one way to minimize the seeds are attacked by pests and diseases. Many growers fail because one can choose the seeds. Vegetables spinach is a vegetable that is often on the attack of pests and diseases.


  • pH
    Vegetables spinach liked the pH relatively moderate range of 6.5 to 7. Before sowing the spinach and place it in a hydroponic system, be sure to check the pH of the water using a pH meter. Adjust to the needs of spinach greens.


  • PPM Nutrient
    On vegetables spinach, ppm nutrient needed is quite high because as we all know, the vegetables that have the nutrients that require a lot of nutrients from the fertilizers that are also high. Basically, ppm nutrient that is required by the spinach ranges from 1200 to 1500.


  • Need for water
    As we know, the spinach has shallow roots so that the plant requires watering a little but often in stream water. In a hydroponic system, the water flows need to be periodically checks to anticipate the roots are not getting the flow of water. Especially the spinach, I usually have 2 hydroponic systems in growing media. The first use rockwool and the second to wear the land that was given axis to keep the moisture and nutrients to the vegetables spinach.



  • Harvest
    Usually at this vegetable harvesting in weeks to 6-8 after sowing. Harvesting the spinach is different with other vegetables. On the greens of spinach, we just simply cut on the trunk, so that regeneration occurs at the second harvest.


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