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On the following photograph ...

P1920116 samo MALO.jpg

... you can see a black ninja - cat hiding among the eggplant's fruits and leaves ...

P1920271 samoMALO.jpg

... in my garden. On this photograph, my neighbor's Jujube branches are hanging along my side of the wall, accompanied by two of the last tomatoes at the end of summer.

P1920283 samoMALO.jpg

These lady beetles, Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata, an adult and the larva, were photographed on the upper side of the large leaf of the zucchini plant.

IMG_1378 malo.jpg

Here you can take a look at the zucchini ready to be brought in the kitchen ... and a lovely flower of this plant, which can also be used in kitchen.

P1920382 samoMALO.jpg

Here is another zucchini flower, photographed early in the morning, when everything was lit by a lovely yellow sunlight.

P1920331 malo.jpg

This is a morning look at the paprika ... and two stink bug nymphs on it.

P1920301 samoMALO.jpg

Here you can see a bunch of very small nymphs, of the same species, a pretty new addition to the bug population between my garden's walls. One of the nymphs, the bright and colorful, orange one ... has just shed the old exoskeleton.

P1920302 samoMALO.jpg

This is the flower of paprika.

P1920254 samoMALO.jpg

Here is something that fell on one of the lower leaves of the eggplant.

P1920336 malo.jpg

Here you can see a leaf that fell from the pomegranate tree ... down on the green hand of the zucchini plant.

IMG_5390 malo.jpg

This colorful pomegranate's after - flower ... I mean flower that has lost all petals and it's (I mean, was) on the way to become the fruit ... well, this thing fell directly on the ground.

P1920334 malo.jpg

This small butterfly, the Cacyreus marshalli is feeding on the Basil flowers.

P1920172 samoMALO.jpg

This is a relatively new addition to the European fauna, accidentally brought in 1978. This butterfly is native to South Africa, but now is quite common in Europe, especially here in the Mediterranean region. I see them regularly on my Basil.

P1920266 samoMALO.jpg

Here you can see another paprika ...

P1920258 samo MALO.jpg

... here another eggplant thing ...

IMG_8740 malo.jpg

... and here ... some lovely raindrops on the still green tomato after the short summer rain - THE END.

As always in these posts on HIVE, all the photographs are my work.


Mhmm I can see a lot of potential delicacies :))) Beautiful prolific garden. And the black ninja is a cute guardian :D


Looks like you have a thriving garden going there! !tip

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The resident cat is always the best part of a garden


So many bugs out to play! I love how you've captured them on camera. I wish mine could capture such small creatures and raindrops.

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Yes, it takes a lot of patience to catch the small details, especially small animals mostly in motion:) especially with low coast equipment. These photographs were made with a simple compact camera some years ago. Now I have a cool camera with macro lens, so I can produce much more photographs of insects and other small arthropods.

Black Ninja and the eggplant steal the show :)

:D At least one vegetable wasn't overshadowed by the cat!

It was pretty close. That cat is stiff competition :))


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rural pleasures! i love the cover one most, ofc. (love the egg-heads when they are cropped and cooked, too! i am a fan).

let me share a little !BEER with you?

:D Thanks & cheers !

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Oh! I didn’t see that black invisible cat if you didn’t say that!!
Very smart cat! He was looking after all the growing vegetables! Nice abs dry day for a walk!

He,he it's a professional ninja cat, with the universal ninja certificate from one of the most prestigious martial cats institute :D It's very hard to detect, an is absolutely lethal in paw to paw combat.