Systematic hand using for Uprooting weeds on my maize farm// maize growing fast// Seed coming out

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Hi hivers.

A hand that doesn't work they say, it will not eat, my maize has improved tremendously and i discovered some weeks ago that the weeds are also growing fast with it[my hands are black because i used my bare hand to uproot the weeds for best result] .
Like a say that says, anything that's not making someone grow should be cut away and that's in the case of my maize.
At this stage, it is suppose to be bringing out seed but if the weeds is much on the farm, it will affect the maize by producing small seed which will not make sense.
So because of the benefits that comes with removing the weeds for the maize, it was decided by i that i should uproot it instead of using a hoe.

To achieve that i make sure i wore a long sleeve shirt and also a long trousers so as to avoid the leaves of the maize to touching my naked body which will result in me scratching my body is may cause sickness.

  • Before i uproot the weeds

After uprooting it

Some maize seed are coming out and the head is bringing out flowers as you can see below. Harvesting in a bit, very happy to see this


I believe adequate checking and maintenance done on a farmland will make it to produce a very good product, as you can see below










Thank you for visiting my blog today and reading it.

I love you all 💞💞💞💯

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Very good work here with your maize! It’s growing really well since you first posted about it!

That’s interesting that touching your bare skin to the maize plant will make you sick. Is that because of the bug killer you sprayed on them? It is indeed important to keep those weeds away! I pull them up with my hands as well, that way you can get down to the root instead of just cutting the top off. It takes a lot longer but I enjoy it so it’s ok for now.

Yeah, if the leaves touches your skin, it will result into scratching of it making your body to pill or sworn, so it's advice to wear long sleeves shirt and trouser to avoid that..
Yeah they have grown well, like 2days ago i applied fertiliser again the second time so that the seed will come out big.
It's very good to use hand because it will uproot it but cutting it won't be really good,it will grow quick.
Do you too do that?

I definitely do pull them up by hand for that reason, you have to get the root out otherwise they just grow back!

Do you pick them up after you take them out of the dirt and put them in a pile? Or do you let them just dry out and die?

No i left them in the middle of the heap, they will serve as manure to the maize and Cassava on the farm

Good work

Thank you buddy

Excellent work friend, I congratulate you. At home I have had no luck planting corn on the stony ground. I am looking for new strategies because I would like to plant it again. Thank you for your advices.
Buena cosecha

You always welcome.
Is it everywhere that's stony or some part?

En la mayoría de sus partes es pedregoso, pero con mucho trabajo y constacia he podido fertilizar el terreno y sembrar varios rubros pero con el maíz no he tenido suerte salen muy débiles las maticas y terminan desapareciendo