Why Simplicity Matters For Crypto

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We have seen ProofOfBrain skyrocket since it's recent launch and I feel like it's just a matter of time before the token takes another large jump.




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ProofOfBrain is a simple yes easy concept and it's one I've been pushing for on Hive for a while. Simplicity is a bliss and in the marketing world we call is KISS Keep It Simple Stupid. As soon as you start adding on another click, another step or another hurdle you kill results. Add too many and your results turn into nothing.

Hive is a rather complicated on boarding process that requires a lot of understanding of crypto and cryptocurrency along with protecting your keys. While this doesn't help POB being that it's a token of Hive what POB does have going for it is the fairness and simplicity of it's own design.

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-No complicated voting timeframes
-No mega whale (yet anyways) as it was launched with no mining or air drop everyone has a fair and equal chance here on POB
-A simply and familiar user interface UI
-Reduced supply over time
-Burn posts
-A community voted fund to help fuel the project for development

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It's in this simplicity that makes POB a beautiful platform and such a high value token on the Hive network.
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Hmm. I still don't get it. What has these features and simplicity done to skyrocket price? Like how does it play a role?

Simplicity allows for better conversion/adoption rate. This applies to running any business and marketing. The more steps or over complicated you make a system the less people will learn and use it. By keepings things basic without any of the fluff such as when is the best time for me to vote on a post, providing a fairness launch with no mega whales, easy to use interface we all know and use on hive every day. Are all contributing factors that allow more people to enter the POB space.

Ok, cool. You're saying people got on due to all these simple features and that's why the price is on some Neil Armstrong shit. I get it now 👍

Affirmative @bitcoinflood. 👍 The best thing is they have not reinvented the wheel at all and chose to include the best of Leo, Bitcoin & Hive in their Tokenomics.

Most people on Hive are very well aware of these three and hence, it's pretty easy for everyone to understand the concept.

PoB is undoubtedly the best type of mining and https://www.proofofbrain.io/ has made it even better. Nothing complicated, simple AF.

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Simple AF always works!

Simplicity is the best approach.

It is an interesting experiment and one that seems to be taking off. This shows what a bit of creativity can do. A different tokenomic plan which could really excite people over the long term.

I like that things like this are popping up.

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The simplicity it offers has really made things easy and less complex.

The price too I think is as a result of the low liquidity it has. Hopefully we see how this turns out in the long run.

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I think price factors in as well. There are high market cap projects but when you see 1 token is worth $0.001 even though you earn more tokens from posting it doesn't look as good as 1 token being worth $0.75 even though you earn less. Just a brain thing/human nature that I've noticed.

The human nature you noticed is 100% correct. I guess everyone always wants the short term gains and not the long term goal. Even with POB at this high rise, we have a lot of communities out there than will definitely do well too on the long run maybe more than POB.

Time is all it takes. The whole blockchain is aiming for the moon already and even the little projects on here will be a life changer.


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Simplicity rings true when it comes to DeFi as well. Just look at Pancakeswap's very simplistic and cute design it has in place. Having a straightforward and sensical interface, I believe, played a good role in attracting long-timers and newbies alike.

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Fully agree, I spent a good part of a day learning CUB but I was able to mostly from UI and direction. I did have to have some help on discord though. In a way that's almost like the trial run you need to do for every platform. Someone that's a newbie to DeFi but understands crypto how fast or what issues do they face when trying to understand it. I feel like CUB though was targeting already existing DeFi users.

It's my next favorite community after Leo
I'll take part of my time to also interact with it like I'm doing here

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It's become one of my favorite and not just because of the price of course which is nice haha
The community there is actually very active and we are talking quality commenting. It's little things like that which make a community token grow. We've seen this one LEO as well where quality comments and engagement make a world of difference.

It's been a success so far. Let's see if it can keep up.

I believe the community really adopted it and that's a huge factor, in my opinion.

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Too bad I only met him about 2 weeks ago. I would have liked to have known him from birth.

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You have made a valid point...@bitcoinflood

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Thank you!

Maybe I need a history lesson, if there was no airdrop or mining or whales how did POB begin? Someone must have had the first coin to then share through their upvotes?

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POB had a bit of an error at the start of launch in which I believe 3-5 accounts ended up getting a major stake. However those accounts are focuses solely on curation and not rewarding themselves I do believe. However I didn't follow up too closely on it otherwise. But yes it does have to start somewhere and yes only a few people would have started using it at first so everything will always have first movers advantage. However when you have good people heading it and not someone with bad intentions at the start it builds a healthy ecosystem for all to get involved in. This is why for any new tribe that launches if it's within your interest or something you want to be a part of you should dig in as heavy as possible as soon as possible.