#POBDAILY (#18): Never Neglect the place of Family regardless of your busy routines in Life

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Hello and welcome back to my page. I am @daniky and this is the day 18 of my entry to the #pobdaily challenge, an initiative of @marvinix and @dwayne16. Kindly follow me as i brief you on how i had my moment. (The pictures below were taken with Android Umidigi A-5 pro)


Photo taken with Umidigi A5-Pro


Photo taken with Umidigi A5-Pro

Today has been a busy and wonderful day. The weather has been moderate, though hot at some point at noon. I had a moment later with my family after work and checked on my Aunt as well. It's of truth that "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy", so i ensured i maximized my leisure to settle other aspects of my life.

One thing i've learnt this day is to never be too serious to the point of not making out time for my personal life.

I hope you've learnt a little from my illustration. Please do have a wonderful moment.

I'm using this medium to appreciate @dwayne16 and @marvinix for hosting this wonderful initiative and wish to invite interested #hiveans to be part of this daily challenge.

Thank you for your time, I Hope you've learnt something today from this writing. Please help by upvoting and reblogging this post to help as many as possible homes. Please stay safe and do have a wonderful moment.


Thank you for your time and support. Do have a great day


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