Can dancing get you into trouble ?


Do you like dancing ? Do you make videos of yours and upload it on different social platform. If not you might be knowing people who do so.

Well i am asking this all because i read a news today that was about a girl who make dancing videos on Instagram.

Well her dance has got her into trouble. Actually it was not a normal dance video that was a video that was filmed in public.



The girl was found dancing on the main road where the car was waiting for her. She was dancing on the Zebra crossing and that is the reason why she is in trouble.

The home minister of the state himself has asked the police to take action against here under motor vehicle act and traffic rules.

I don't know what will be the strict action but i think it will be a fine. So probably she will not have to go behind the bars for whatever she has done.

Now before i say good night to all the readers , I would like to say that never break laws of your country. Do what you like but don't break laws for that.

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