More pics from last Sunday

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Only few photos were published in my yesterdays post from my last Sunday walk. In fact I made quite a bunch of them, probably many more than new CUB's been generated in the same time period.

Here are some more, showing how the nature is reviving here in Eastern Lithuania











All pics been made by me on 18th April 2021, using Olympus E-M1 mkII + M.Zuiko 12-200mm lens

During this relax walk over 300 new CUB's were automatically generated, and arrived to my den. Late at night I purchased a few hundreds more of POB tokens, slowly moving myself towards TOP-10 on the POB listing. Currently still at #17, but I'm glad to see this is already bringing about 8+ POB in rewards, once upvoted at full power.
If only the supply on HE could be a bit higher...


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Nice stack. Being at #17 is already a good way up there and in no time you will be in the top 5, I know it ;)
Nice clicks by the way.

Step by step, slowly at #14

Once again, beautiful pictures!!!! Love the bokeh in the background.

That's the best part of being in DeFi. Passive income with amazing returns while you take a walk in the park by the lake. Just imagine how many people will be able to use their precious time with family & friends or undertake their hobbies just like you are. Even I got a camera recently because I also like clicking pictures but due to excessive work I am not able to focus on it properly. :( I hope that changes soon.

If only the supply on HE could be a bit higher

This is cool imo. Less supply, high demand --> Price rise :D All the best to you, hope you reach the top 10 soon. We need more whales like you in all the tribes.

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So pob is going to moon ?


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That’s such a great spot to hit in such a small period of time.

Hope to see you in the top 5 sooner than later.

Lovely pictures. The weather out there much be cool 😎, cause all the shots are ☃️

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what a beautiful pictures sir!!
I believe become Top #5 POB Rich list is very possible for you in the near future :D

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Very good photos ... You're in a good place ... I know you'll be at the top fast.

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So different to here at the moment. Just going into winter in Australia. Very different indeed.

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Lovely and beautiful nature pictures.
Seems like POB is getting more attention on Hive and current price is impressive for sure.

@onealfa.pob wow the pictures are amazing...lovely one sir...

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Wonderful photo. I didn’t know that you have such hidden talents of a photographer :)

Link to vote for @cranium as a witness

So beautiful view 🤩😊🙂 and super photography