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RE: πŸ“£Go Vote For HIVE!🐝

in Proof of Brain β€’ 4 months ago

Dang it! I was going to leave you a sassy reply with a link to the tweet I'd already done about it, but turns out I haven't yet (my brain got confused by the Stack Exchange & the Marketing Campaign tweets I did yesterday 🀣).

So instead, I'll just quietly drop my tweet link below... πŸ˜‚

(and DANG IT! I meant to tag you in the tweet, @enginewitty but spaced it. Think I need more coffee... 😜).

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Eh, no credit needed, just glad you helping push things along and thank you😎

Oh, I know you don't worry about credit, but I always try to give nods when my brain is working properly, which isn't all that often lately I can. And thank you in return for shouting out.